Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Paper Crafts

Merry Christmas, JAKS readers! I hope your day was merry and bright =D

I have so many super cute Christmas pictures that I'm going to break it up into several different blog posts. Plus I know when my parents come visit they will take a bunch more pictures so at least I'll have several posts to make in the next few days.

Today's post is about the various paper crafts I made to decorate for Christmas. First up is a large, 3-D six pointed paper snowflake. The tutorial I used to make it can be found here on Instructables. It's made from six pieces of standard copy/printer paper. In the original tutorial the author uses a stapler to connect the points but I used double sided tape instead since I was too lazy to get our stapler out of our craft box upstairs.
Hanging in the archway between our kitchen and our living room.

The next craft is a Christmas card holder. I used this tutorial from Kojo Designs based on her tea wreath. I'm not really happy with the ribbon I used but it was the only stuff I had around the house that matched. The original author used 24 clothespins but I only have 22 on mine to allow a little more room for each card. Last year I made this Christmas tree out of an old magazine and used it to hold our cards. They are both fun but I think I like the wreath a bit better since I can see the card faces easier.
I'm not sure how many years this will last but until it falls apart, I really like it.

Next up are the paper ornaments hanging in our bedroom window. The tutorial came from I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar. It's a quick and easy craft and the result is very pretty. I didn't have too many sheets of scrapbook paper in Christmas colors lying around so unlike the original author I only have two side strips instead of three on the big ones and only one strip on the little ones. They are hung with fishing line.
Please ignore the rain on our window.

The paper snowflakes are my favorite craft. These remind me of my childhood and I haven't made them since, well, I was a child. I wanted to make them more advanced so I used two different tutorials for inspiration. The first tutorial came from Instructables and the second came from How About Orange. I even convinced the Hubs to make half of the big ones and he is so amazing that he just came up with his on his own. There are two more big snowflakes and two small snowflakes on another of our smaller windows but I couldn't get a good picture of them. K decided we needed the small ones to represent her and her soon-to-born baby sister since she decided the big ones were me and Daddy.
These are on our front laundry room window.

The last two paper crafts are for K to play with. The first one is a printable nativity scene I found on How About Orange. K loves it! She continually gives me Mary (since she's the Mom) and she keeps asking me if she can sleep with Baby Jesus. I'm going to leave these out until they break. Perhaps next year I'll get an actual set she can really play with.
I had to darken the image quite a bit to get the faces to show up so our kitchen floor isn't actually brown, it's gray. ;)

The last craft is a tutorial I found on Make It and Love It. A little while back I found this set of Melissa & Doug stickers at Meijer and one of the pages has these little sticker dress up dolls that K really enjoyed and actually did a super job at dressing them up. So, when I saw the magnetic version I knew K would like them. It was a very tedious project that A and I did on Christmas Eve night. It was one of those projects that seemed like it would be quick but took a lot longer than you expect. It was worth it though because right after she opened it she was playing with them. The only problem we've encountered so far is that the heads on these dolls are very large and their necks are super tiny so the magnet on one of the necks has already cracked but thankfully the adhesive held so the head hasn't come off. I'm not sure how to remedy this situation since K uses the head to pull the doll off the fridge. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!
The paper doll book and roll of self adhesive magnet came from Hobby Lobby.
I promise I'll post photos of the family in the next entry. =D

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Countdown Books

I originally saw the idea to do an Advent Calendar with books on the blog site, Made.  I thought it seemed like a great idea given how much K loves books. We were lucky enough to own several Christmas books already although I did have to buy quite a few. The good news about this kind of Countdown is that you reuse the books year to year since they only come out in December (or replace a few depending on the age range of the books).

Here is a picture of our books and I've included a list of the ones we're using this year. Even though it might be a little late to start yourself, it's a cool idea to keep bookmarked until next year. K is so excited to open a new book every night (plus it gives me a chance to use some of my favorite hand-painted wrapping paper).

Obviously the pile on the left are the ones still to be opened and the pile on the right are the ones we've already opened.

These are the books we already owned:

The Mouse Before Christmas by Michael Garland
Christmas is Coming, Marley by John Grogan
I'll Be Home for Christmas (Toot & Puddle) by Holly Hobbie
Let It Snow (Toot & Puddle) by Holly Hobbie
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey Saves Santa by Sheila Sweeny Higginson
Reindeer Run by Julia Woolf
Olivia Helps with Christmas by Ian Falconer
The Little Drummer Boy by Ron Berry
Christmas in the Manger by Nola Buck
Frosty the Snowman by Jack Rollins
The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore
Rodney Reindeer and the Holiday HATastrophe! by Tom Shay-Zaplen

These are the books I bought:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Rick Bunsen
God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa T. Bergren
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Donald's Christmas Gift by Sheila Sweeny Higginson
The Mitten by Jan Brett
The Animals' Christmas Eve by Gale Wiersum
Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner
Humphrey's First Christmas by Carol Heyer
Room for a Little One by Martin Waddell
Mortimer's Christmas Manger by Karma Wilson
Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson
Merry Christmas, Curious George by H. A. Rey
If You Take a Mouse to the Movies by Laura Numeroff
Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry

So far K has really seemed to like all of the books she's opened. I have a few as back up for later years ('The Polar Express' and 'Saint Nicholas: A Veggie Christmas Story (VeggieTales)'. Also, I decided to use 25 books instead of 24 like a typical Advent Calendar because I think it's more fun to open one gift each day, including Christmas. If anyone is interested I would think that all of these books can be found on Amazon.

I hope you all are enjoying these last few days before Christmas and aren't going too crazy. K and I went out to do a bit of shopping today and everywhere we went, it was PACKED. It's hard to believe Christmas is only 9 days away! Tonight Grandpa came over and we all went to the mall together to buy K's Christmas present. She has become a Build-A-Bear junkie and picked out her 7th "Furry Friend" - a pink Hello Kitty. She has gotten to the age where anytime we go to any store, she wants something. Usually it's not too expensive but that kind of stuff adds up and it's SOOO hard for me to say no when she looks at me with those big beautiful eyes of hers and says "Puh-puh-puh-please." (I can thank Daddy for that one.) Today at Once Upon A Child she picked out this ratty old doll and told me it was cold and needed to come home with her. She was getting tears welling up in her eyes and saying, "But it wants to be my doll." Oh my gosh, are you kidding me!?! How am I supposed to resist that kind of torture? I was the SAME WAY as a kid and I still have that kid inside me who wants to "save" every stuffed animal friend I see. The only thing that kept me from caving is that this was a seriously ratty doll. Thank goodness it wasn't a new one or something or I'm sure we'd have it. I think we're just going to have to avoid stores for a long, LONG time.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday and Visiting Santa

Yesterday was the birthday of my husband, the most wonderful man in the world. He is the man of my dreams and the most amazing father our little girl(s) could ever ask for. He is so selfless that for his birthday we went to visit Santa Claus and go swimming. At least we had dinner from his favorite Chinese restaurant. What a guy!

So as I mentioned above, we had "Lunch With Santa" yesterday at the local Recreation Complex. It was quite fun actually. When we arrived the Civic Band was set up and playing Christmas songs. We were served hotdogs, mandarin oranges, chips, a juice box and a treat for dessert. The perfect lunch for a kiddo. After we ate it was time to get in line to talk to Santa. K wasn't as enthusiastic about talking to him this year but she still did really good and even gave him a hug and kiss before she hopped off his lap.

Santa was very cute and sweet. It was nice having a Santa with an actual mustache and beard.
K brought along Clarice from the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie. She is obsessed with that movie right now.

After Santa left a local children's musician played fun Christmas-themed songs for the kids. K loved it and immediately ran out to the dance floor. She was jumping and spinning and shaking her jingle bells with all her heart. This girl LOVES to dance and will take any and every opportunity to twirl and wiggle to the music.

Bottom left: Neither of her feet are touching the ground.
Bottom right: Daddy was nice enough to hold K's headband around his neck while she danced.

After the dancing was over we put on our bathing suits and headed for the pool. I laughed to A about the fact that who would have ever thought we'd be swimming on his birthday! K did really great. She was really having a great time holding our hands and "swimming" to us. She was doing a great job kicking her feet. I think her favorite part was laying back on me and kicking her feet to splash water at Daddy.  This wonderful man really spoils us girls and we love him so much for it. Happy Birthday, my angel. I love you.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Beginning of the Christmas Season

On Saturday we packed up the family van and headed out to cut our Christmas tree. Having come from a family of fake trees, I absolutely love this tradition. There is nothing more fun to me than finding the one perfect tree. It signifies the beginning of Christmas and I can't wait to get it home and decorated.

K and Daddy walking down the path to the trees.
Left: Daddy, K and Grandpa cutting down Grandpa's tree.  Right: K and Daddy looking for the best spot to cut down ours.

K checking out the stockings that were hung with care.
Left: Saying "Ho, ho, ho."  Right: Just looking cute.

After we got our tree home and in the stand we headed out to one of the local zoo's to see their light display. I've never been to a zoo light show and to say I was amazed is a gross under statement. It was spectacular! K loved it as well and really enjoyed dancing to the synchronized light/music show. The number one comment heard that night was that it was the most crowded anyone has ever seen the zoo. Since I had never been, I have nothing to compare it to but I will say it was pretty crazy (or as A said, "It was a zoo." Har har) I'm guessing the warmer temperatures had a lot to do with it. But here is the most amazing part. As we were standing in line to buy our tickets, a guy walks up to us and says, "Need two tickets?" I figured he was scalping zoo tickets which is pretty crazy although the line was quite long so I wasn't too surprised. Anyway, he hands us one adult ticket and one child ticket FOR FREE. Wow! Now all we had to do was pay for one adult ticket. As we were marveling about this awesome fortune of ours, a lady walks up and hands us ANOTHER FREE adult ticket and says "Merry Christmas." WHAT??? We totally didn't have to pay for any of our tickets! By the time the night was over and we had paid for our hot chocolates, rides on the carousel, hot apple cider and funnel cakes, we still hadn't paid as much as the price of admission would have been for the three of us. It was like a Christmas miracle!

The pictures don't even do it justice to actually being there.

K *LOVED* the carousel. She was smiling so huge and saying, "I'm flying!"
Left: She really enjoyed the penguin exhibit. Right: Even after 4 hours there, two of which were after her usual bedtime, she was still smiling and having fun. I think she would have stayed longer but this Momma was getting tired!

What a perfect way to start the Christmas season!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving and Snowballs

For Thanksgiving this year we made the trek to spend the long weekend with my family, with the added bonus that A's Dad came with us as well so we were able to spend the holiday with both sets of parents. I was even able to get a great picture of K with all of her grandparents (great grandparents included). We also celebrated my brother's birthday (K was a big help opening his gifts and blowing out the candles). It was a great time :)

We also went to a local ice cream shop that's been around for over 50 years. They make their own ice cream and it's so delicious! We try and stop in there every trip. This particular time K decided to pick a blue and red ice cream called Superman. I have no idea what the flavor was (even though I tried it) but she loved the fact that it made her tongue blue.

Last night we had our first snowfall of the season. It was very wet and didn't stick much but as K pointed out, it looked "magical". That first snow truly is beautiful. She wanted A to make her snowballs SO bad (I can't believe she remembered that from last year!) but the snow that was left this morning was too icy and there really wasn't that much that actually stayed on the ground from the night before. However, she was able to at least smash one on Daddy's head (something she learned to do last year). This time though, Daddy smashed one right back on her head! She loved it =D

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ugh :(

Normally I only make posts if I have some fun pictures to share but that isn't the case today. I am on the verge of a hormone-induced breakdown and all I want to do is curl up in bed and cry myself to sleep. Thank God for my husband. He is upstairs with our little girl who for two days now hasn't taken a nap and doesn't even seem the remotest bit tired when it's nap time. Yesterday she seemed tired early so I put her in bed about an hour and a half earlier than usual. After 2 and a half hours of being in bed and not napping, I decided she isn't going to sleep so I let her get out of bed to read. Today I put her in bed at her usual time and after an hour and a half of not sleeping, again I let her get out of bed to read because otherwise she would be sleeping too late in order to go to bed at a decent time this evening. However, when this kid doesn't nap she turns into a screeching, whining, crying, kid who throws a fit over every little thing screaming, "I CAN DO IT MYSELF!!!" Some days  I have the patience to tolerate it but no tonight. And now I'm thinking, "how in the world am I going to do this with two kids?" Honestly, right now, I feel like there is no way I can do it. I guess from now on the only way to get through the day is to start going to bed at 8:00 myself so I'll have the energy and patience to handle these meltdowns. But for now, like I said, thank God for my husband because he is being so wonderful handling her.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Girl and her Daddy

Today after returning from a trip to the grocery store, K asked Daddy to play with her and her Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys. He happily obliged her.

There was a LOT of running (Daddy and Buzz were chasing her and Woody) and tons of laughing.

The picture of A mid-run cracks me up. It was a gorgeous day and I'm glad we were able to take advantage of it.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sliding fun!

Yesterday when Daddy got home from work K wanted him to take pictures of her while riding down her slide. As you can see from her face, it was a lot of fun =D

There is nothing better in life than the happiness of a child (and her Daddy). I am a very blessed Momma.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

After Halloween Deals

One of my favorite blogs does a "Thrifty Finds" feature where she shows you the cool things she found at various thrift stores in her area. Well, this is kind of like my version of that but it's from big chain stores and it's After-Halloween deals instead of cool thrift store finds. I waited until today to go to the stores so there was very little left but I still found some neat things that I thought would be fun to share with you.

(Sorry, it's not the best picture)

From left to right, top row: Carter's 2-piece Ladybug costume for New Baby $5.50 (down from $22.00). "Itsy Bitsy Spider" onesie for New Baby $1.25 (down from $5.00). "Here Comes Trouble" witch t-shirt for K $1.25 (down from $5.00). Cute spider knee-high socks for me $0.99 (down from $3.99).

From left to right, bottom row: Stiffened felt die-cut jack-o-lantern placemats $0.49 each (down from $1.99 each). I got three of them to stitch together to make a table runner. I'm copying off my Mom who did something similar with snowflakes for Christmas. Skeleton fake Crocs for K $1.74 (down from $6.99). Jack-o-lantern and owl glasses $0.99 each (down from $3.99 each). Glitter 3-D die-cut candelabra $1.24 (down from $4.99). I've seen these in blogland in pink and thought they were cute but I like the green a little better because it looks more "Halloween-y" to me.

Total savings from Meijer: $46.50

Animated singing/dancing puppy for K $10.49 (down from $34.99). She fell in love with this puppy the first time she saw it at the beginning of Oct. but there was no way I was spending $35.00 on it. So when we saw it again today for 70% off, I decided it was a good enough deal. The only problem with it is I've heard the same small segment of the song Bad to the Bone that it plays about 100 times today. It's really cute though. Its head moves back and forth and its ears flap up and down while it plays the music.

Total savings from Jo-Ann Fabric: $24.50

4-in-1 Carving Tool $0.59 each (down from $1.99). I bought four. Flickering pumpkin LED lights $0.89 each (down from $2.99 each). I bought four. 350 Halloween stickers $0.99 (down from $1.99). Pumpkin Scraper Scoop $2.09 (down from $6.99). I bought two.

Total savings from Michaels: $24.80

All in all I'd say it was a pretty impressive days worth of savings. Now arguably someone could say that if I didn't buy anything that I would have saved even more but what's the fun in that?!? Besides, I would have missed this little Goofball hugging her new puppy all day.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today was a good day

Actually I was feeling quite lousy this afternoon but I can never feel bad when I have such an amazing little girl to brighten my day. Today K and I were talking about Uncle S and how his birthday is coming up. I was mentioning that he is an artist so K decided she wanted to paint a picture for him. I put on some music (woot, Queen!) and she got to work. It started out innocently enough and then she decided finger painting would be more fun. Well, I wasn't going to be out done so I started painting her hands so she could do hand prints. Then we just resorted to smearing her hand on the paint palette to finally just letting her wipe her hands on her shirt. I remember when I used to be *that* Mom that would get an eye twitch if my kiddo got a speck of dirt on her. I'm SO glad I gave up that persona because today was way too much fun =D

She was saying "cheese" and supposed to be smiling but instead it looks like she is grimacing at the paint brush.

I mentioned that purple is a favorite color of Uncle S so she used plenty of it.

Yeah, it was a fun day =D

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hello and Happy Halloween :)  This year the Bear went dressed up as Sheriff Woody from the Toy Story movies. She had a Toy Story themed third birthday party so I was able to reuse a few of the costume pieces I had bought or made for that (the vest, boots, and hat). It was actually a fairly easy costume to make and we got many compliments on it tonight. I made the holster from felt and foam craft, the belt buckle is painted cardboard, the jeans and yellow shirt were from Once Upon A Child and the red bandanna was left over from her birthday party. Unfortunately all three of us are pretty darn sick so we hit maybe a dozen houses. That still took us close to 45 minutes and it was getting pretty chilly when the sun went down. All in all though I'd say it was a successful Halloween and Bear seemed to really enjoy herself and filling her bucket.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hiking at Red River Gorge in KY

This past weekend we went hiking with my father-in-law at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky (it's part of the Daniel Boone National Forest outside of Lexington.) According to the website, "...the Red River Gorge in Kentucky is one of the best places to explore arches, defined as geological formations which took millions of years to form." with Natural Bridge as the most famous one - "a particular sandstone rock bridge that is 65 feet in height and spans 78 feet in length."

We spent the night at a very nice bed and breakfast (the breakfast was delicious!) and then headed out to Gray's Arch. By the time we got to Natural Bridge the batteries in both our camera and in Dad's had died so I think we have 4 pictures from there (none of which are of the Bridge, of course.) It just means that we'll have to go back and stay at the Hemlock Lodge there so we can get some pictures ;)

We were lucky to get such beautiful Fall colors on our hike.

Hiking. Bottom right was one of our four pictures at Natural Bridge.

K was starting to get a bit tired at the end.

I love how the top left leaves are almost all red but not quite and the top right picture has all green leaves except one.
Bot lt: Mossy tree roots. Bot rt: Gray's Arch

The weather was absolutely beautiful as was the nature. It was a really great weekend :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harvest Jamboree and StoryWalk

This past weekend we had the pleasure of taking advantage of two very fun and FREE Fall events. First up was the Harvest Jamboree that consisted of pumpkin decorating, wagon rides, kiddie mover, games, storyteller and animals for petting. K really enjoyed all of the attractions. I was hoping maybe she'd do the pony ride but no dice. However, normally K is terrified of feeding goats (and I have to say I don't blame her. They have crazy bug eyes.) But they had the sweetest most docile billy goat there and she just loved him. I even petted him too and while you would think his coat would be coarse it was actually quite soft. Who knew?

Top lt: Sitting on a big ol' pumpkin. Top rt: After decorating her own pumpkin.
Bot lt: Riding in the Kiddie Mover. Bot rt: On the wagon hayride with Daddy.

Top lt: Petting Billy the Goat. Top rt: Jumping off a rock (she'll jump off anything if given the chance.)
Bot lt: Petting a duck. Bot rt: Somebody had too much fun but Daddy provides very comfy transportation.

The next fun event we did was called StoryWalk. The local Rec Center posted pages of a book along the walking path and K would listen as we read a page and then RUN to the next page and plop down on the ground waiting for us to catch up. Along the way there were rocks to jump off, giant hills to run down and Daddy showed K how to break open Locust seed pods and then throw the seeds into the pond.

Top lt: Oh how I love that mischievous face! Top rt: Jumping off rocks.
Bot lt: Waiting for us to catch up and read to her. Bot rt: Darting off to find the next page of the book.

Top lt: Finding her own stash of Locust seed pods to throw in the pond. Top rt: Throwing the seeds into the pond.
Bot lt: My two little peas (or seeds in this case) in a pod. Bot rt: Heading home with Daddy and her new Brobee.

I'm always very impressed with how many truly fun things this town offers for FREE if only you look for them (or have a Social Event Coordinator friend like Sandy ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dampa's Birthday

This past Saturday we celebrated Dampa's (K's way of saying Grampa) birthday by going to a local MetroPark. We had such a great time! The weather could not have been better (lower 80's) and the gardens were absolutely beautiful.

Top Lt: Heading into the twig maze. Top Rt: Peeking around one of the many twists and turns.
Bot Lt: Working their way through the maze. Bot Rt: A cute and cuddly moment in a hiding spot.

Top Lt: Playing in the sand table. Top Rt: K with two of her main men, Dampa and Daddy.
Bot Lt: JAK (love the faces on K & Daddy). Bot Rt: Soaking wet K after playing in the sprinklers.

Some of the flowers from the gardens and a Ginkgo Tree.

We have had the most amazing sunsets the past few nights. Here are two different nights taken in our backyard.

So what do you guys think of the new layout? Do you like the collage photos or single photos better? As always, thanks for looking :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Fun

The past few days, K and I have had the opportunity to enjoy some incredibly beautiful weather by getting out and doing some fun Fall activities.

On Thursday we met our Buddy Pal and his Mom at one of the MetroParks near downtown and after playing at the playground, K and I walked around this beautiful park for at least another hour. We met a very friendly squirrel who really enjoyed looking at K and she certainly enjoyed the attention. We also collected tons of leaves and sticks to throw over the edge of a beautiful red bridge so we could run to the other side and watch them float out below us. I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the changing leaves. I love Fall :)

Top left: bridge at the MetroPark. Top right: pretty tree at the park.
Bottom left: yellow trees along a street downtown. Bottom right: trees across the street from our house.

Along with the 80 degree days, we've had some beautiful sunsets and lots of quality time with Daddy.

Top left: sunset. Top right: the streamers on the playroom door casting a rainbow along the hallway.
Bottom left: Playing guitar with Daddy. Bottom right: collecting sticks to throw off the bridge.

Left: wearing Daddy's shoes on the bathroom scale. Middle: watching the sticks float back out. Right: tree by our house.

Our next door neighbor has a beautiful garden right outside her front door and it attracts these very cute white/yellow butterflies that K absolutely loves. She wants one to land on her so badly! She chases them around the flowers and tries to put her hand out for them to land on. My Mom has a book that K really enjoys and this happens to the main character. I think she really wants to reenact that scene.

On Friday we went with our other Buddies to an exotic animal ranch. It was ...interesting. Not bad or anything but smaller and more tightly packed than I expected for the price (not that it was super expensive but more than I realized it was going to be.)

Top left: the butterfly she was chasing. Top right: holding out her hand for the butterfly to land on her.
Bottom two: kangaroo and mountain lion from the exotic animal ranch.

Top left: miniature horse. Top right: coyote. Bottom left: camel. Bottom right: giraffe.

Top left: pot belly pig. Top right: deer. Bottom left: elephant. Bottom right: horses.

Top left: Highland cow (on my gosh, I loved this guy. I really wanted to take him home). Top right: donkeys for my Sis.
Bottom left: She is going to make a wonderful big sister. Bottom right: I was the only one brave enough to ride the pony.

Sorry for all of the pictures but like I said, we've had some very fun Fall days lately =D

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JAK's Fall Family Fun Day

On Saturday we had Fall Family Fun Day which involved going out to breakfast, picking out pumpkins, Daddy making gingerbread cookies, Mommy making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and decorating/carving the pumpkins. We were going to make caramel apples too but ended up running out of time. Maybe tomorrow...

K-Bear did really great this year. Like last year we let her use permanent markers to draw on her pumpkin but UNLIKE last year, I put the markers away immediately after she was done with them. To fill in anyone who didn't hear the story of the permanent markers from last year, I failed to put them away after she was done decorating and the next day, while A and I were upstairs hanging curtains, she managed to get the red Sharpie off the table and drew all over her face, hands, Lilly (her once-white stuffed lamb), a changing table we had disassembled to donate, and of course, the flat screen TV. Thank goodness baby wipes and dry erase markers get permanent marker off almost any non-cloth surface. It was almost a heart attack moment but like I said, thankfully we were able to get it off of pretty much everything. But this year I made sure not to repeat that mistake!

She also did much better this year at using the safety carver and actually doing a bit of carving on her pumpkin herself. She started by just making holes but then after Daddy carved some eyes and a nice toothy grin for her, she decided that I was the tooth fairy and she hacked out all of the teeth with the carving saw. I was having flash backs to Steve Martin as the Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors. I tried making my pumpkin a bit more scary this year because I always have the cute happy one but my pumpkin is nothing compared to the hacked out mouth of K's! Lol =D

Seriously concentrating on her work

Daddy adding a few drawings of his own.

Adding stickers.

She was very happy and proud of her pumpkin.

Daddy's, K's and my pumpkins.

With no flash to see their true nature.