Monday, September 24, 2012

K's 4th Birthday Party - Alice in Wonderland; The cake

Part 3

Hi! Welcome to part 3 of K's Alice In Wonderland 4th birthday party. In case you've missed any of it I've covered decorations here and here. Today I'll be showing off her amazing cake. Our cousin (or Auntie Cousin as we like to call her) is an incredibly talented cake decorator. I wish she had a website to showcase all of the cakes she's made but unfortunately she doesn't. Maybe make a Flickr page or something, Auntie Cousin so we can show you off?

Well, until that happens, you will have to trust me on the other cakes based on this beautiful creation she made for K. It started with this photo I found on the internet. Originally I thought I wanted a topsy turvy cake with three layers but based on the number of people we had invited, it seemed like that would be way more cake than we'd need. I showed three pictures of cakes to K and let her pick her favorite. She chose this one because she liked the blue and the flowers. I sent the photo to Auntie Cousin and asked her if she could do it but just the bottom blue layer. Originally I had intended to use an actual teacup on the top but Auntie Cousin came up with her own amazing idea and I like it so much better.

The day before the party, Auntie Cousin's power went out and was out for basically the entire day. She ended up coming over to our house to make the cake here. Thankfully by the time she was ready to decorate their power came back on and she went home to finish. We made her promise though that she wouldn't be up until all hours in the night decorating and I'm happy to report she listened!

So, without further ado, the CAKE:
Can you tell she likes it?

Isn't it beautiful?!?

Can you believe she made the teapot and cups???

She was so happy listening to everyone sing to her.

Make a wish!

She was so happy to have a 4 candle on her cake.

You can see the layers of fondant and how much time went into the cake.

Auntie Cousin added sprinkles in the layers of frosting between the cake.

K was so excited about her cake and who can blame her?!? It was beautiful and tasted amazing. We are so blessed to have so many talented family members and friends who so graciously donate their time and talents to us and we are so grateful!  We love you all!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

K's 4th Birthday Party - Alice in Wonderland; More decorations

Part 2

I'm finally getting the chance to continue with K's 4th birthday party pictures. As you may recall from my last post we had an Alice in Wonderland theme. The last post focused on the table decorations. In today's post I'll show you a few of the decorations around the house and some pictures of the birthday girl herself.

I took my inspiration from the Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland. Below is a picture of the inside of the front door. I had originally wanted this display to be on the outside of the door but it was raining pretty heavily that day and although the door is protected, I didn't want to risk it getting wet. While the original doorknob has a traditional round "nose", all of the doors at my parents house have these lever-type handles so ours just had a really long nose. I downloaded the talking doorknob template from the website and instead of crafting my own from construction paper, etc. like they did, I opened the template in PhotoShop and reconstructed it piece by piece into one file that I had printed on cardstock at OfficeMax.

On the table is an empty Captain Morgan's Private Stock rum bottle with a "Drink Me" label that I made and a cool skeleton key my Mom has on a ring as decoration in their house.

K wanted to pose with the key by the door so here you get to see her in her Alice dress that my Mom made. I tried helping and did part of it but between both kids, I barely had 10 minutes per night to work on it so thankfully Mom stepped it as our hero and basically made the whole thing. All hail Mom!

Turning away from the front door (basically opposite it) is a coat closet and the hallway to the rest of the house (and a bathroom and office but those are not part of the decoration so I'm leaving them out.) There is a very small space of wall between the coat closet and the hallway and that turned out to be the perfect spot to hang my Directional Arrows. In the movie Alice is trying to find the White Rabbit and comes across an area where there are directional signs pointing every which way. She also runs into the Cheshire Cat who tells her to ask the Mad Hatter or the March Hare. Originally I was trying to figure out how to make a tree in order to stick my arrows on but when I realized this sliver of wall was there, it worked out perfectly!

The Cheshire cat is actually made up of four pieces of cardstock taped together because I wanted him to be really big. I found a black and white image of him online and blew it up in PhotoShop and colored it in and then had it printed at OfficeMax. The arrows were also found online and I added the text and had them printed. They say, "Up/Down, Over/Under, This Way/That Way, Yonder/Beyond". There is one additional one in the middle. Can you read what it says?

In another area of the house was my White Rabbit display. K has a LOT of stuffed rabbits but surprisingly, none of them are plain white. I decided to go with my Mom's ceramic one because I really like it and it went well with the theme. The pocket watch was on loan from my Dad (it was his grandfather's) and the white gloves are from a craft project I want to do but still have never gotten around to making.

I was a little worried about this display with the kids but thankfully the rabbit wasn't broken and no one touched the watch.

During the party I had the movie, Alice in Wonderland, playing quietly for the kids to watch. I think K and her cousin A watched it for approximately 30 minutes but it was fun to look up and see tidbits of it now and then.

To the left of the TV are four frames that contain rotating "art". My Dad still has an enormous record collection (as in vinyl for those youngsters reading this). For every holiday we challenge him to come up with four records that represent said holiday. It's not always easy since he hasn't bought a new record in I don't even know how many years but somehow, we all brainstorm and manage to come up with something. For K's 4th birthday he had, "Jefferson Airplane: Flight Log" which contains the song, "White Rabbit". Below that is "Led Zeppelin: IV", "Eric Clapton: 461 Ocean Boulevard", and "Dennis Yost and the Classics IV: Golden Greats Volume 1".

A lot of the Alice in Wonderland parties I found online revolved around the Tea Party scene of the movie. While I loved this idea I was a bit worried about using the beautiful white and blue china tea cups from my Mom's great grandmother with the girls. I decided to use just one as a topper on the cake but oh, wait until you see what ended up on top of the cake. SOOO cute! Instead, I used it as a prop for a picture of K:

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