Friday, July 15, 2016

North Carolina Home Tour - Part 1

Hi! It's been a while. I have this super awesome blog post for y'all but I can't publish it because my dear sweet bestie has demanded asked that I post some photos of the home we're renting here in NC. I've been putting it off because I haven't been able to stage it like all of the other blogs that do home tours (i.e. throw everything that proves people actually live there into a closet) but then I realized that unless my schedule drastically slows down and my children go off to camp for a week or two, that's never going to happen. Oh well, this is reality people. Also, just to keep it extra real, [E] decided she needed to be in *almost* every photo :)

This is (obviously) the outside. I took this photo in January so unfortunately the grass was still brown and patchy and the trees weren't in full bloom yet. But hey, who am I kidding? This was taken in JANUARY! And there isn't snow. Ahhh ;) 

Here we've walked through the front door and in front to your left is a small entry way. Since we aren't that far from the beach and I love seaside decor, you'll notice this theme throughout many rooms of our house. (Crazy girl had to jump in front of my camera every chance she could.)

Continuing to your left (through that doorway to the left in the photo above) is the living room which is approximately one quarter taken up by our fluffy bunny and his enclosure. In this photo I'm looking back at where you just walked in.

So looking at it the living room from the other direction (as if you had just walked in that doorway) you can see the playroom through the double wide entry. It's actually the formal dining room but it's way cuter as a playroom. Plus, the kids can paint and use Play-Doh in there without me worrying about carpeting. And I can keep an eye on them while their playing and I'm doing dishes or ordering take-out making dinner.

Moving on into the playroom, you'll note that it's a cacophony of colors. Our girls love them some rainbow colors so between the decorations and the toys, it's a feast for the senses. You may notice there are some of the same toys as we had in [K]'s playroom at our apartment in OH (take a peek at this old blog post for a refresher) but we've actually gained some new ones. Shocking, I know. The toys would take over the house if I let them, not that I don't contribute some myself, much to the chagrin of my husband.

Looking back the other direction toward the living room. The pennant flags above the Muppets and their artwork spell out their names but they're pretty washed out in this photo. Also, there used to be a mini trampoline in the corner over there but literally a day or two before I took these photos it broke. Eventually I'd like to make the girls a play store for that area.

Moving on through the rainbow streamers is the kitchen. It's always kind of a jumbled mess so this was the best I could do. The kitchen really is the heart of the home, isn't it? Plus, why is it that no matter how big your kitchen is, it never seems big enough?

Looking the other direction is a disembodied baby head, the door to our deck (on your left) and the door to the garage (on the right.) The windows look out to the backyard. And if you turn around and head out the doorway in the photo above you walk past the laundry room on your left, the powder room on your right, and end up back at the front door.

So that's essentially the first floor of our house. I'll try and post photos of the upper floor soon but we have some work to do in the office and [K]'s room so it might be after the weekend.

Also, if you have any questions about anything you see in the photos, let me know. For the most part I can remember where I bought stuff, or if there's something weird looking that requires clarification.

Take care,
 ~ [J]