Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Phone Photos

Howdy Folks!

Happy last day of May. Can you believe it's going to be June? I can't wait for this summer. We have tons of great plans. I just hope the weather cooperates and the rain stops soon.

I missed the past two Friday's (sorry) so here's a triple dose of Friday Phone Photos:

Monday, May 13, 2013

Here a Dot, There a Dot. Everywhere a Dot, Dot!

Back in April I had the privilege of helping arrange a party for a very special little lady. My dear sweet Godniece turned six (SIX!) and this was a very special birthday party. You see, my Godniece happens to be a Princess and we had to make sure it was a party befitting royalty. I think we did her justice :)

My Sister (in-law) picked the theme of polka dots. What a fun and cool idea! Mom and I were on the prowl at our usual party supply stores, Target and the Dollar Store where we found a bunch of cute polka dot favors. Sis crocheted a ton of these super cute circular coasters in all kinds of bright colors that we sprinkled around the house, Mom sewed table runners out of pretty polka dot fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics, and I made a polka dot birthday banner as well as a photo banner (an idea I've seen on other blog sites and thought it would be cute).

I purchased several different sheets of 12"x12" polka dot scrapbook paper from Michaels and cut them in half. Then I used a ruler to measure the triangles that I cut from the bottom to give them the flag appearance. I traced and cut out the letters using my old teaching stencils and construction paper and then used double sided tape to attach each flag to a length of bakers twine. (You can also see Fergie anxiously awaiting her new owner.)

I made the photo banner in the same way as I did the birthday banner but instead of letters I used photos of the Princess from over the years and just cropped and rounded the corners using a punch from my scrapbook collection.

Each of the four tables had this centerpiece. You can see my Mom's polka dot runner and the crocheted polka dots my Sister made. I also punched out a few construction paper dots to put on the round place mats. We used Skittles and Smarties for edible decorations and my Mom found polka dot sunglasses for each of the girls as well as polka dot pinwheels and the light up space balls.

The proud parents and Grumpa getting some food.

From left: Auntie Cousin S, Momma, K, and Great Aunt P enjoying our party fare. Mom found great polka dot plates and napkins. Normally we use Corelle plates and fabric napkins to be more environmental but we had a hard time passing on these paper ones because they tied in the colors so perfectly.

Daddy and Little E playing with the wiffle balls and buckets. We were going to play Bozo Buckets with them but I don't think we actually ever got around to it. And if you noticed, yes E and K are wearing matching dresses. I know it's cliche and "cutesy" but I love it and this is probably the last year I'll be able to do it.

The Princess (in her polka dot dress) blowing out her candles with an assist from Mommy (also wearing polka dots), K and Daddy. In the background you can see the paper lanterns hanging over the main dining table.

Happy birthday my sweet Godniece. We love you so much and hope you had a wonderful time at your party.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Friday Phone Photos

Howdy! I've come to the conclusion that I take a lot of photos on my phone that I never end up sharing with anyone. Well, no more I say! Every Friday I will be picking 9 phone photos from the previous week to share. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)