Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today was a good day

Actually I was feeling quite lousy this afternoon but I can never feel bad when I have such an amazing little girl to brighten my day. Today K and I were talking about Uncle S and how his birthday is coming up. I was mentioning that he is an artist so K decided she wanted to paint a picture for him. I put on some music (woot, Queen!) and she got to work. It started out innocently enough and then she decided finger painting would be more fun. Well, I wasn't going to be out done so I started painting her hands so she could do hand prints. Then we just resorted to smearing her hand on the paint palette to finally just letting her wipe her hands on her shirt. I remember when I used to be *that* Mom that would get an eye twitch if my kiddo got a speck of dirt on her. I'm SO glad I gave up that persona because today was way too much fun =D

She was saying "cheese" and supposed to be smiling but instead it looks like she is grimacing at the paint brush.

I mentioned that purple is a favorite color of Uncle S so she used plenty of it.

Yeah, it was a fun day =D


  1. Awwww, tear. Literally. Very cute :) Miss you guys so much...

  2. That is so sweet. Miss you guys!

  3. She is really focused on her work in photo two. Love "the hand" too.

  4. Jello, I am so proud of you (yes, YOU). I can't believe you've finally been able to let go of your fear of dirty kids! ;)

    The painting is almost as beautiful as that little girl. Can't wait to see you for S's birthday and Thanksgiving!