Thursday, November 3, 2011

After Halloween Deals

One of my favorite blogs does a "Thrifty Finds" feature where she shows you the cool things she found at various thrift stores in her area. Well, this is kind of like my version of that but it's from big chain stores and it's After-Halloween deals instead of cool thrift store finds. I waited until today to go to the stores so there was very little left but I still found some neat things that I thought would be fun to share with you.

(Sorry, it's not the best picture)

From left to right, top row: Carter's 2-piece Ladybug costume for New Baby $5.50 (down from $22.00). "Itsy Bitsy Spider" onesie for New Baby $1.25 (down from $5.00). "Here Comes Trouble" witch t-shirt for K $1.25 (down from $5.00). Cute spider knee-high socks for me $0.99 (down from $3.99).

From left to right, bottom row: Stiffened felt die-cut jack-o-lantern placemats $0.49 each (down from $1.99 each). I got three of them to stitch together to make a table runner. I'm copying off my Mom who did something similar with snowflakes for Christmas. Skeleton fake Crocs for K $1.74 (down from $6.99). Jack-o-lantern and owl glasses $0.99 each (down from $3.99 each). Glitter 3-D die-cut candelabra $1.24 (down from $4.99). I've seen these in blogland in pink and thought they were cute but I like the green a little better because it looks more "Halloween-y" to me.

Total savings from Meijer: $46.50

Animated singing/dancing puppy for K $10.49 (down from $34.99). She fell in love with this puppy the first time she saw it at the beginning of Oct. but there was no way I was spending $35.00 on it. So when we saw it again today for 70% off, I decided it was a good enough deal. The only problem with it is I've heard the same small segment of the song Bad to the Bone that it plays about 100 times today. It's really cute though. Its head moves back and forth and its ears flap up and down while it plays the music.

Total savings from Jo-Ann Fabric: $24.50

4-in-1 Carving Tool $0.59 each (down from $1.99). I bought four. Flickering pumpkin LED lights $0.89 each (down from $2.99 each). I bought four. 350 Halloween stickers $0.99 (down from $1.99). Pumpkin Scraper Scoop $2.09 (down from $6.99). I bought two.

Total savings from Michaels: $24.80

All in all I'd say it was a pretty impressive days worth of savings. Now arguably someone could say that if I didn't buy anything that I would have saved even more but what's the fun in that?!? Besides, I would have missed this little Goofball hugging her new puppy all day.


  1. Cute puppy. Sounds like you got some great bargains!

  2. Wow, girlie, you really cleaned up! I am totally jealous of your adorable socks, by the way. ;)