Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harvest Jamboree and StoryWalk

This past weekend we had the pleasure of taking advantage of two very fun and FREE Fall events. First up was the Harvest Jamboree that consisted of pumpkin decorating, wagon rides, kiddie mover, games, storyteller and animals for petting. K really enjoyed all of the attractions. I was hoping maybe she'd do the pony ride but no dice. However, normally K is terrified of feeding goats (and I have to say I don't blame her. They have crazy bug eyes.) But they had the sweetest most docile billy goat there and she just loved him. I even petted him too and while you would think his coat would be coarse it was actually quite soft. Who knew?

Top lt: Sitting on a big ol' pumpkin. Top rt: After decorating her own pumpkin.
Bot lt: Riding in the Kiddie Mover. Bot rt: On the wagon hayride with Daddy.

Top lt: Petting Billy the Goat. Top rt: Jumping off a rock (she'll jump off anything if given the chance.)
Bot lt: Petting a duck. Bot rt: Somebody had too much fun but Daddy provides very comfy transportation.

The next fun event we did was called StoryWalk. The local Rec Center posted pages of a book along the walking path and K would listen as we read a page and then RUN to the next page and plop down on the ground waiting for us to catch up. Along the way there were rocks to jump off, giant hills to run down and Daddy showed K how to break open Locust seed pods and then throw the seeds into the pond.

Top lt: Oh how I love that mischievous face! Top rt: Jumping off rocks.
Bot lt: Waiting for us to catch up and read to her. Bot rt: Darting off to find the next page of the book.

Top lt: Finding her own stash of Locust seed pods to throw in the pond. Top rt: Throwing the seeds into the pond.
Bot lt: My two little peas (or seeds in this case) in a pod. Bot rt: Heading home with Daddy and her new Brobee.

I'm always very impressed with how many truly fun things this town offers for FREE if only you look for them (or have a Social Event Coordinator friend like Sandy ;)

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  1. How fun! I know it sounds ridiculous, but I can't believe how big she is! Logically, I should be able to grasp the fact that she grows when I don't see her in person, but who ever said I was logical?? :)

    Love you's guys!