Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Fun

The past few days, K and I have had the opportunity to enjoy some incredibly beautiful weather by getting out and doing some fun Fall activities.

On Thursday we met our Buddy Pal and his Mom at one of the MetroParks near downtown and after playing at the playground, K and I walked around this beautiful park for at least another hour. We met a very friendly squirrel who really enjoyed looking at K and she certainly enjoyed the attention. We also collected tons of leaves and sticks to throw over the edge of a beautiful red bridge so we could run to the other side and watch them float out below us. I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the changing leaves. I love Fall :)

Top left: bridge at the MetroPark. Top right: pretty tree at the park.
Bottom left: yellow trees along a street downtown. Bottom right: trees across the street from our house.

Along with the 80 degree days, we've had some beautiful sunsets and lots of quality time with Daddy.

Top left: sunset. Top right: the streamers on the playroom door casting a rainbow along the hallway.
Bottom left: Playing guitar with Daddy. Bottom right: collecting sticks to throw off the bridge.

Left: wearing Daddy's shoes on the bathroom scale. Middle: watching the sticks float back out. Right: tree by our house.

Our next door neighbor has a beautiful garden right outside her front door and it attracts these very cute white/yellow butterflies that K absolutely loves. She wants one to land on her so badly! She chases them around the flowers and tries to put her hand out for them to land on. My Mom has a book that K really enjoys and this happens to the main character. I think she really wants to reenact that scene.

On Friday we went with our other Buddies to an exotic animal ranch. It was ...interesting. Not bad or anything but smaller and more tightly packed than I expected for the price (not that it was super expensive but more than I realized it was going to be.)

Top left: the butterfly she was chasing. Top right: holding out her hand for the butterfly to land on her.
Bottom two: kangaroo and mountain lion from the exotic animal ranch.

Top left: miniature horse. Top right: coyote. Bottom left: camel. Bottom right: giraffe.

Top left: pot belly pig. Top right: deer. Bottom left: elephant. Bottom right: horses.

Top left: Highland cow (on my gosh, I loved this guy. I really wanted to take him home). Top right: donkeys for my Sis.
Bottom left: She is going to make a wonderful big sister. Bottom right: I was the only one brave enough to ride the pony.

Sorry for all of the pictures but like I said, we've had some very fun Fall days lately =D


  1. How fun...fall is my absolute favorite! And those donkeys are SO cute! Love you guys!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos! I can't believe how big Kaitie is! And her hair so so gorgeous and long! Glad you guys are taking advantage of the great weather and getting out. Keep it up so I can see more! :)