Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hello and Happy Halloween :)  This year the Bear went dressed up as Sheriff Woody from the Toy Story movies. She had a Toy Story themed third birthday party so I was able to reuse a few of the costume pieces I had bought or made for that (the vest, boots, and hat). It was actually a fairly easy costume to make and we got many compliments on it tonight. I made the holster from felt and foam craft, the belt buckle is painted cardboard, the jeans and yellow shirt were from Once Upon A Child and the red bandanna was left over from her birthday party. Unfortunately all three of us are pretty darn sick so we hit maybe a dozen houses. That still took us close to 45 minutes and it was getting pretty chilly when the sun went down. All in all though I'd say it was a successful Halloween and Bear seemed to really enjoy herself and filling her bucket.


  1. Awww very cute! Sucks to be sick on Halloween but she looks happy and excited to be out. Daddy Buzz is pretty cute too. :)

  2. Love it! She's getting so big...can't wait to see you guys! Feel better soon, doll. Love you.

  3. Such cute kiddo. Great costume J.