Friday, February 7, 2014

Who-Who's Turning 2? An Owl-Themed Birthday Party - Food

Hi there! How awesome is it that today's Friday?!? I know I'm excited! Not only is it the the beginning of the weekend but it's also the Daddy Daughter Date Night at our park district. A & K went to it last year as well and if it's similar to that one, I know they will have a blast again.

On Tuesday I showed you the decorations I made and purchased for E's owl-themed second birthday party. Today I'm going to show you the cupcakes I made as well as her hilarious reaction to them.

I found this super easy decorating idea on using Oreos and Reese's Pieces. All you do is make whatever kind of cupcake you want... A side note here - I made this angel food confetti cake mix as cupcakes and while I love angel food, it definitely doesn't translate to a cupcake. One bite in the cupcake, and because of the airy quality of this kind of cake, the whole thing squashed flat. Not the best for a cupcake.

Ok, back to decorating... frost your cupcake with chocolate frosting and sweep up two ear tufts with your icing spatula. Then, unscrew two Oreos and using the sides with the filling, place two of them side by side below the ear tufts. Next, place two brown Reese's Pieces on the Oreos for pupils and last, stick an orange Reese's Pieces in sideways between the Oreos as a beak.
The ear tufts on the Babble cupcake are more pronounced and cuter but these worked as well.

For the remaining cupcakes I did a few more like owls, some decorated with Reese's Pieces, and the remaining ones were decorated with Cool Whip and ball sprinkles.

The pink and blue owl cupcake toppers are a free download from

If you recall from E's first birthday (and from our Minion cupcakes), she LOVED the frosting. Not so much this year... Actually, she never even made it to the frosting on the owl cupcakes. Unfortunately, E has developed an aversion to Reese's Pieces and I should have thought to take them off her cupcake before giving it to her. So then I tried one of the Cool Whip frosted cupcakes... no dice. She ended up having ice cream but she loved it so I was happy :)
She was happy to blow out the candles but the look on her face in the last photo
tells you what she really thought of the cupcake.

Second attempt was definitely no better. In the last photo I'm reaching in to take
the offending cupcake out of her sight ;)

This is my favorite picture from the whole cupcake debacle. To me she looks like a mobster saying, "These cupcakes - Forget about 'em!" It seriously cracks me up.

A lot of people say to me, "Why do you do so much work on these parties?" and the answer is three parts. One, there is nothing like seeing the girls wake up on the day of the party and just loving all of the decorations and getting so excited to celebrate their birthdays.

Two, we are blessed with an amazing family and even though we are all busy, so many of them come and that really means so much to us.

And three, I actually really enjoy making crafts and decorating and coming up with themes (or working with the ones K chooses). So yeah, I guess it is a lot of work, but celebrating the birth of our incredible girls is worth every part of it.

Until next time,
~ J :)

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  1. I love that picture of E giving the cupcake the stink eye.