Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little E's 1st Birthday Party Recap, part 2

Today's post is a really fun one for me. While I absolutely love planning and decorating for parties, it's our babies that really make the event special. And Little E definitely did not disappoint!

For her birthday outfit E wore a bunny shirt complete with gold crown and furry feet, a gray tutu skirt with black leggings underneath, and for about 10 seconds, a big pair of pink bunny ears.

Sharing a cuddle with Great Grammie

Wearing the Birthday Princess hat. I couldn't even
get it tied on before she had ripped it off her head.

When K turned one she didn't like to be messy (which I will freely admit is my fault because I didn't like her to be messy so I wiped her face and hands a lot) and she didn't eat many sugary foods so her first birthday cupcake experience was a bit anti-climatic. Not so much with E. This little girl enjoyed every single bite of frosting!

Starting out slowly and not too messy...

That whole "hands" method is way too slow.

This is how I eat cake too.

I loved every second of how messy she got while eating her cake.
I'm so glad that I've relaxed when it comes to being clean vs having fun.

Big Sis giving her a smooch for a job well done.

Little E was also a champ at opening gifts. She really tore into the paper and was genuinely excited about each gift. Plus if there was even a slight doubt that she wouldn't be able to unwrap something, Big Sis was right there on the job. You can also see the Peeps bunny bunting I made to decorate her high chair. Each side originally had one more bunny and a bow on the end but E kept pulling them off so I cut them off to save my sanity.

Check out the totally adorable bunny shoes she's wearing!

It was a really fun party and I think everyone who was there truly enjoyed themselves. I know I did!

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  1. It's funny, but even to this day I can't stand eating ribs or any messy finger foods because I don't like my hands to be "yuck". Great Party!