Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Who-Who's Turning 2? An Owl-Themed Birthday Party - Decorations

Good morning! I hope your week is going well so far.

The other day I shared the toilet paper roll owl craft with you. Today I have pictures from E's 2nd birthday party that will show another paper craft I made. I hope you enjoy them!

For invitations this year I used pre-made blank owl cards that I had purchased years ago in the dollar section at Target, not really having a plan for them but thinking they were too cute to pass up. Each set came with 8 cards and stickers.

Back in June of last year I posted pictures from K's second birthday party and how I hung streamers in a doorway as decorations. It was such a hit back then that I decided to do it again for E's party.

And just like last time, they were a ton of fun! Here is E at 2 (above) and K at 2 (below).

And they're still fun, even at 5! It's such a cheap and easy decoration and it brings so much joy.

I also made these paper lantern owls to hang in the kitchen. (I saw the idea on Cupcakes and Homeschool.) They were super simple to make. I traced a small bowl for the whites of the eyes and a shot glass for the black. An orange triangle served as the beak and I folded a whole sheet of construction paper in half and drew a long, skinny "D" for wings. I used masking tape to attach everything so I could easily remove it all and use the lanterns again. Easy peasy!

I felt very lucky to find these great paper plates at Party City. They are from the "Hippie Chick" collection and I bought the plates, napkins, streamers, balloons, and a few things for the goody bag from the collection.

Speaking of the goody bags, I found these great felt owl bags in the dollar section at Target last year around Valentine's Day and I think I've seen them there again this year so if you like 'em, check out Target soon before they're all gone.

Inside the goody bags were owl stickers, flower barrettes from the Hippie Chick collection, owls filled with lip gloss, owl magnetic book markers, an owl pencil and bookmark (it was a free download from MyDelightfulDesigns.com but it doesn't seem like the website is available any longer.) Lastly there was a felt owl ornament and a rubber bracelet, also from the Hippie Chick collection.

Back in October, right after Halloween, we made a trip out to OH to visit A's dad and sister's family and while we were at a local grocery store there, we found these great owl platters on 50% off clearance. They were perfect for holding candies, nuts, and cupcakes. I love being in the right place at the right time!

My next post will show you how I made the owl cupcakes as well as E's reaction to the cupcakes and opening presents. Have a great day!

~J :)

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