Thursday, October 11, 2012

She's Ready For Her Close-Up

Every year we take K to the JCPenney Portrait Studio to document another birthday. For her three-year photos I was over a half year late in getting them taken so technically she's had two sets of yearly pictures taken this year. I'm actually really surprised that there's as much of a visible change with these pictures given how close together they were taken (7 months apart). I love seeing the progression of time in how her looks change.

And speaking of these types of photos, from any other moms who do this type of thing, have you given it any thought on how long you'll do them? Originally I was thinking until K starts kindergarten and then has school pictures taken. But these are always so much more fun so then I was thinking until she turns ten. Why ten, I have no idea. What do you all think?

For comparison, here is one from year two and year three. Click on the links if you want to see all of the pictures from those years:

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

We have also had a picture of her taken with the number of her age each year but the photographer told me they only go up to five so I guess if we keep this up I'll have to start bringing my own numbers.

Also, it just so happened that we were at the store on the last day that they were doing an event which happened to be mermaids and pirates. Obviously they were gearing the mermaids to girls and pirates to boys and while I was secretly hoping K would pick pirate, when given the choice, she chose mermaid. We even go Little Sis in on the action. This is our homage to Daddy and his love of the beach:

Since the side pictures above are so small, here is each one blown up. The bottom one cracks me up. It's supposed to represent K being caught and the look on her face just kills me!

Now I just have to make sure I get E to her one-year pictures on time ;)

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  1. Oh, Jello, these are just beautiful! I say do them as long as you want to and the girls will cooperate. Love you's!