Monday, October 8, 2012

K's 4th Birthday Party - Alice In Wonderland; Gifts

Part 5

Hooray! I'm finally going to wrap up K's 4th birthday party! This last post is all about the loot; hers and the take home goodie bags. I honestly have as much fun finding appropriately themed goodie prizes as I do with all of the other aspects of the party.

JAKE family photo.

This year K was very interested in examining each gift as she opened it. She was a bit slow to warm up to having everyone staring at her as she opened them but by the end she was hamming it up as usual.

For Goodie Bags this year I ended up using gift bags bought at the Dollar Tree. The gifts I had were too big for the usual cute-sy type of boxes or bags so I had to go big this year. I made a "Take Me" label that matched the "Drink Me", "Eat Me", and "Guess Me" labels and taped that to the front. I let K pick out the colors and of course she went with blue. They only had two blue ones left though so we had to get a silver one too.

Inside the bags were an Alice in Wonderland coloring book, a box of 8 Disney Princess crayons, a personalized bookmark from the Bride in Wonderland download, an Alice in Wonderland book with a personalized book plate from the Disney Family website, a set of the Talking Flowers in a striped goblet, and a twisty straw. I was very happy to have found the book and coloring book because Alice isn't a princess so she is rather hard to find when looking in the Disney section at most stores. The coloring books were also from the Dollar Tree so that was a super sweet score!

I had the bookmarks in each of the books on the page with the Mad Hatter at the Un-birthday party. While I doubt any of the kids noticed, it was just a little touch that made me smile. Beside, that was the image for the inspiration for the invitation I made.

I found a great, high resolution image of Alice and the Mad Hatter with the cake on his head on Google Images and then looked up a few quotes for the movie, added the pertinent information with a colorful background and the invitations were done. These were pretty easy compared to the last few years and while they aren't as memorable as the Toy Story ones from last year or the cupcake ones from her first birthday, I still think they turned out nicely. (In case you're wondering, I bought Mickey Mouse ones for her second birthday.)

So that finally wraps it all up. I can't promise I won't include as many pictures / posts for future birthday parties but I'll try and be more timely about them. I still have tons of photos from the summer I want to post and here it is already Fall! Maybe one day I'll catch up...

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  1. Love it! You do such a great job with all of the details of each party, Jello. I think it's super-fun that you take the time to share all of the little bits here, too. There was some stuff I missed in person, and I'm glad I've gotten a chance to see it all now. :)