Tuesday, February 14, 2012

K's Three-Year Photos

For those of you who know us personally (which is probably everyone reading this post), you'll know that K turned three back in August. In the past years we've taken K to JCPenney to get photos taken of her right around each birthday. Last year we took her photos in November and this year, yeah, it was this past Sunday. Almost a half year late but at least we got them done and by waiting this long, we were able to get a few of her with Little Sis (I'll just pretend that's why I was so late in setting up the appointment and it's not that I just kept putting it off for some unknown reason.) Anyway, below are the photos we ordered. If you are an immediate family member, chances are you'll be getting one so act surprised when you do ;)

I love this one :)

We have pictures of her from years 1 and 2 holding her respective age numbers.

We'll have to get a new frame for this one but it's the one picture that Daddy
specifically wanted so how could we pass it up?

Originally I wasn't sure about this one because you really can't see K's face
but it's just so sweet and shows how much she loves her little sis.

We both really like this one although I wish it wasn't quite so dark. I'm going to ask Mom to scan
it and lighten it up in Photoshop.

The JAKE Family Photo (Yeah, I should have taken off my glasses. Oh well.)

This one and the one below are two poses that I asked the photographer to take. We tried doing this
top picture at home and it was very nerve-wracking holding a wiggly baby on your forearms and
making sure she didn't decided to roll right off. It helped that I could hold her on A's arms and then
run out of the picture at the last second.

This one is a bit weird with my thumb showing through the heart as well but again, hopefully Mom
can scan this one in and Photoshop my thumb out or something.

Our photo session started at 1:00 and K normally naps at 2:00 so we were pushing our luck having it done so late but it was the earliest time slot they had on Sunday and she did surprisingly well. It gets easier as she gets older. I think we'll do one more set when she's four (or maybe 4 and a half ;) and then when she's five that will start school pictures so I'll probably stop going to a studio. I'm sure she will be in E's pictures though (so long as she wants to be) so I'm going to have to find a lot more wall space and frames!


  1. Lovely pictures, Sis! You are all adorable, and I can't wait to meet little E this weekend! Love you's!

  2. Such great pics Jen, I am so happy for you guys and your beautiful family. Congrats!!

  3. Thanks for posting these shots. What lovely pictures and such a beautiful family. Hugs to all.