Sunday, December 5, 2010

Portrait of a toddler

This morning we had K's Two Year pictures and a family Christmas picture taken at the JCPenney Portrait Studio. Even though K smashed her face twice yesterday we decided to go through with the pictures anyway. I had scheduled the portrait session for the morning since she is usually at her happiest after waking up (mornings and after naps). She was fine while we waited for our turn, although she did want me to hold her and was resting her head on my shoulder but she was happily watching Lilo and Stitch and another baby getting her pictures taken in the glass-enclosed studio. However, as soon as it was our turn she didn't want to cooperate for anything! She saw a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that they use to try and get the kids to smile but she wouldn't let go of him and refused to stand or lay down and barely wanted to let go of me. Thankfully between Daddy impersonating Mickey Mouse, me threatening to tickle her and the photographer playing peek-a-boo with the Mickey behind his back, we were able to squeak out about 4 or 5 smiles out of her. Here are the ones we're purchasing:

Lol! I'm not sure what she was doing to Mickey's nose.

Not exactly looking at the camera and not perfectly centered but she was smiling.

That crooked smile and dimple kill me =D

This 2-Year picture was a total fluke.
She did NOT want to hold that number and didn't want to sit on her own so
I don't even know how he got this picture but thank goodness he did.

Not the best picture of K but she was quite done at this point.


  1. Awww, the pictures turned out good! At least she is smiling in all of these. I still can't believe how big and bright her eyes are -gonna be such a looker. :)

  2. I think they look great! No smooshed face visible either. :)

  3. Jello, these are absolutely gorgeous! I miss you guys...hugs all around! :)