Monday, May 2, 2011

The Bear's Bedroom Tour, Part 3

So we've come to the end of K's bedroom. I still think it's funny that I had to break it up into 3 parts since it's the smallest room in the house. Oh well, it has a lot of stories behind it. When we start the playroom, as Samuel L. Jackson would say in Jurassic Park, "hold onto your butts" - it's gonna be a long one!

Here we have the last side of the bedroom. I'm taking this picture from the doorway.

Starting from left to right, this is K's Great Grammies
old potty chair. K loves to sit on it. It's the perfect
height for her. Daddy had the great idea of getting
a piece of MDF cut to the same size as the seat and
covering it in some padding and fabric so it will be an
actual seat for her without altering the original at all.

The rocking chair was at my Grandma's house and it
has been a wonderful! K, Daddy and I have spent many
an hour in this chair, especially when she was tiny. She
still likes to rock in it and asks to rock together almost
every night. The Bee Pillow Pal was a Christmas gift
from our wonderful friends and K loves him! She calls
him Buzz Buzz. The blanket was handmade by K's Great-
Great Aunt Donna. There is a matching sweater, hat and
bootie set as well. It's beautiful and extra meaningful to
us since her recent passing. I made the mobile above the
chair in March and have since added a tiny white owl
hanging down from the middle. Yesterday K was looking
at it and said "Wow... so pretty". The best praise I could get.

The top right three pictures were made by A & K as a first Christmas gift for me
back in 2008. I love them so much! The bottom left picture was made by a local IL
artist from an art show. It reminded me of Daddy and The Bear because he often
carries her around on his shoulders. Given how tall the two of them are, it's a darn
good thing she isn't afraid of heights!

Here are her Ikea Billy half bookshelves. These get
the most use of anything in her room. She is an amszing
reader and can repeat back almost every single one of
her books. The tree decal above them is from the Target
Circo Love and Nature set. When I first got the decals
I didn't think I would use the tree at all because it's very
cartoon-y and sparce but I wanted to put something tall
on that wall and I actually don't mind it. It's definitely not
the prettiest tree decal set I've seen but since I already had
it I figured we may as well use it.

I found this lamp at my parents house when we were
there in March. It used to be in my brother and my
shared room. The little "house" lights up a light orange
color (I think it has one of those old big Christmas lights
in it) and you can manually turn the boy and it turns a
music box. At some point I'd like to replace the music box
part because it seems like it's been abused. I can't tell what
song it's playing anymore. I replaced the shade and I really
like it. It's cute and kitchy and I think it has real charm.

And here's a little teaser of what's to come with the
Playroom Tour. This is the view into the hallway
right outside K's door on a sunny day.


  1. Adorable! You've done such a wonderful job on her bedroom, and I can't wait to see the play room. Love you guys!

  2. More great framed art=awesome! You guys have such a great place! :)