Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Bear's Bedroom Tour, Part 1 updates and Part 2

Hi all, me again! I was originally going to post another part of the Bear's room but after having been at my parents house for the Easter weekend, I brought back a few things that were mine that I want to pass down to her which has changed the layout of a few things in her room and the playroom. So, here are some updated pictures:

I moved the rocking chair into the playroom and added the doll cradle
& rocking horse my Grandma made me in 1984. I thought K would play
with Lilly in these but so far only Buzz Lightyear has slept in it. LOL!

Here's another view of the cradle. The bedding inside is a doll sized sleeping
bag and pillow my Mom made for my Cabbage Patch Kids back in the early
80's (they're in her closet waiting for the day that she is interested in playing
with them.) The bear was mine when I was born. I called him Freddy Teddy
but she calls him Ted and Daddy calls him Max :)

I moved the beautiful pink blanket made by K's cousin
to the door of the playroom and put up the tutu and
fairy wings from K's Great Aunt.

So here's the next part of her room, the bed!

The bed, bedding and light above the bed are from Ikea (a lot of our stuff is
from Ikea.) The white blanket at the bottom of the bed is her Grammie Blanket.
From the title you can probably guess that my Grandma made it for her and it
used to be the only blanket K would let us use on her. She's gotten better
about using her bedding because now she likes to hide under it. I'm just glad
she's using the bedding because at least it's long enough to cover her and
it generally stays on her through her tossing and turning all night.

The pictures above the bed are canvases I bought from Michaels & painted
blue. The owls, branches, flowers, and hedgehog decals are from the Target
Circo Love and Nature collection. My inspiration was from Project Nursery.
The rest of the decals from this set are in other places in her room and in the
playroom. I really like how they turned out.

The picture above the bed is also from the Target
Circo Love and Nature collection. On the pillow
is Lilly (of course) and in front is her collection
of mini Toy Story beanies. At any given time there
are between 8 and 12 stuffed friends in bed with her

At the bottom of the bed are the bigger Buzz and
Woody pals. There is "Little Hoot" (the owl from
the Target Circo Love and Nature collection) and
the two Build-A-Bears (the blue one is Gumball
and the pink one is Lotso.) These were gifts from
some dear friends for K for Christmas. She is in
love with that store now. Every time we go to the
mall we have to visit Build-A-Bear so she can hug
the bears. By the way, please ignore how wrinkled
the duvet cover is. I was going to iron it before I
took the pictures but I knew K would just jump all
over it as soon as I put it back on the bed so I
didn't even bother. Sorry :)

Well that's all for this post. I'll get the last section of the room up, hopefully, tomorrow. I can't wait to get to the playroom! These two rooms are my favorite in the whole house. Actually, all three bedrooms are really nice. Well, they are in my opinion at least :)


  1. I had a Freddy Teddy, too! The room is adorable, Jello. I love the "decal paintings" by her bed. Very creative!

  2. Amazing! I love what you did with the owl decals on the blue painted canvases, they look SO good. I never would have thought of that.