Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Bear's Playroom Tour, Part 3

So we have finally come to the last installment of the Bears playroom. I'm sorry for the delay with this last one but we've been very busy traveling lately.

Anyway, let's get started since there are lots of pictures to look at and you know I'm going to have novellas instead of captions ;)

Here is the view from the doorway. Today we're concentrating on the left corner
and the window.

The biggest piece in the room is the train table. If you haven't read the story
behind it, check out this post and scroll down a LOT (it was a long post).

In the back corner is her shelving unit of toys.
It's actually our old Ikea Benno TV stand. I got the
boxes with lids for a great deal at Target. At some
point I want to get legs to put the stand on and
maybe even another one. The stands aren't too
expensive and they work great for toys. The Lego
head was a gift from my Mom for the Hubs but
currently it holds all of K's Duplo blocks. It makes
me smile every time I see it. On the opposite end
is a Winnie the Pooh phone. It's an actual working
phone that isn't connected right now. Piglet used
to pop out from the honey pot but after a few times
of K and her pal slamming him back in, he stays in
the pot where it's safe now ;) Hanging above is a
beautiful handmade mobile from my Sis. There is a
better picture of it here in this post. Feel free to ogle.

The table used to belong to me and my brother, then
it was passed down to my cousins and now to K.
I dig the retro feel of it and the new Ikea Fargglad chairs
go with it quite well. I wish they were chrome like the
table but it isn't a deal breaker or anything. The record
player on top was mine as well. I remember playing
with it as a child and so far K really seems to enjoy
it as well. The Barnslig Ringdans curtains and
Lekplats play mat rug are from Ikea too. I'm sure you
couldn't tell by the names or anything ;)

Hanging in the window is this beautiful dragonfly sun catcher. My aunt sent
this to us from Arizona when we lost our beautiful daughter, Allison. It is VERY
special to me because not only does it remind me of Alli but also of my aunt.
I miss them both very much.

Lastly, a picture of the Bear herself saying "cheese". I love this kid!!!

Thanks for your continued interest and kind comments about her rooms. I might try and do a few other rooms in our house but none are as cool as hers. :)


  1. To say that Joe has whammed poor Piglet a few times would be a gross understatement I fear... poor Piglet.

  2. I love it! You've done such a great job, Jello, and I especially adore all of the personal and handmade touches. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

  3. The table was mine and Auntie Gails before it was yours...your cousins and now Kait's. I'm sure she will take good care of it to pass on to another generation!!!