Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Two weekends ago I had the privilege of being involved in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks midwest fundraiser. A group of us drove to Chicago to attend the pre-rally and then head out from Soldier Field to walk along the lakefront. It ended up being a great day (as in, no rain until a VERY light sprinkling for about 5 minutes as we were leaving) and we even got some original Al's Beef on the way home so really, what could be better than that???

The rally and walk started at Soldier Field.

As you can see, there were a TON of people and lots of noise. They had bands
playing and multiple jump houses for the kids. The noise proved to be too much
for the Princess and really, I couldn't blame her at all. It was a lot for anyone to take.

So our group stayed in the cooler ramp area outside the field and got started
on the walk towards the very front which ended up being a good thing once
we saw how many people ended up walking behind us.
L-R: Aunt T, Hubbs, Bear, me, Sis, Princess, Dad, Mom

The girls got to ride in style. As you can see from the Bears face, she was not
feeling too well. She had just started getting sick the day before and is still not
100% better. But, like her cousin, she was a real trooper!

Lovely Aunt T and Handsome Dad. Aren't they cute?!? :)

A view of the half UFO that landed on Soldier Field. Or as the Hubbs calls it,
"The Space Toilet".

Beautiful Buckingham Fountain.

The Princess posing with her Momma on a cool tree branch.

K and I decided to copy them but she really wasn't too sure about being up
on that branch.

Mom and Dad look pretty adorable though :)

Crossing the finish line. We made it!

The Hubbs made the walk back to the car more fun
by bouncing Princess all of the way there. His legs
got a great workout ;)

Mom had to hold Bears head up on the way home because she was out cold!

But really, this is what it's all about my friends. Just look at this face! I'm so
proud of my beautiful niece and Goddaughter. I love you Princess! (By the
way, Happy Baptismal birthday the other day. I'm sorry I'm late telling you.)

It was a wonderful weekend filled with family and I couldn't ask for more than that. I love you all!


  1. Awesome! Sounds like a great time and I love all the photos! :)