Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh Geeze...

Man, I meant to keep up with this better but here I am over 2 weeks since my last post. Ugh, sorry :(

I actually have several super cool things to post about and just haven't had the chance to take pictures of them. However, I do have some VERY cute pictures to show you instead:

This is Sid! He is hilarious and adorable and the coolest bunny EVER!!!

Oh my gosh, seriously, can I tell you how much I love this bunny?!?

I mean, just look at that butt!!! He's SOOO cute!!!

*sigh*  Love at first sight <3


  1. CUTE bunny! What does Kait think?? And what are all these other updates?? Pictures be damned, we need details! :)

  2. commented on the cuteness of a bunny's behind. :)

    Totally adorable!!!