Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bear's Bedroom Tour, Part 1


My beautiful, wonderful, bestest buddy who up and moved away from us to CA [insert sad face] has been on my case for quite some time now for pictures of our new house and since we've been here 6 months now I figured it was about time. Plus, my Mom and I collaborated on a birthday present for me that I absolutely love and I finally got them hung in K's room. I originally got this idea from Ohdeedoh (I love that website. It's always full of great ideas.)

Not only was it very fun working on these with my Mom but they have a personal meaning to me. I was born on the first day of Spring and my nickname has been 'Sunshine' for as long as I can remember. "You Are My Sunshine" is one of my favorite songs and I have been singing it to The Bear since she was born. The image was purchased from iStockphoto and then Mom worked her Illustrator mojo on them until they were perfect.

The bees and butterflies are from the classic Winnie-the-Pooh wall decal set I had in her nursery back in IL. I added the bees flight trails with brown eyeliner. That way when it's time to move I can just wipe them off with an Up & Up Erase-Away Multi-Use Eraser.

You really should check out the link to the original iStockphoto image above.
I think the changes my Mom made are awesome!

The color is a bit off but this is a close up off the Sunshine side.

Again, the color is a bit off and you can see some reflection from the
glass in the middle bottom but this is the Gray Side. She reflected the
original image and made the cloud with a silver lining. I love it!!!

This is looking at the prints on the wall and the back side of her bedroom.
The space where the rocking chair and beanbag chair are was originally
where we were going to put the crib so I haven't really done too much with
that spot yet. It makes me happy to have my new pictures there though.

I wanted to fill her room with things that have meaning, either hand made or family heirlooms. From left to right: The Twilight Turtle. I love this guy! His name is Edward (my tongue-in-cheek nod to the Twilight series books) and he was a gift from a very good friend and coworker at our baby shower. He has lit her room with a dreamy, starry sky every night since coming home from the hospital. And if someday she feels that she has outgrown him, he is living in our room.

Moving to the right is a two-fer. The Gromit stuffie was made by my extremely talented and incredible SIL for The Bear's 2nd bday. He is SOO cute and has really helped K become a Wallace and Gromit fan (yay!) The rocking chair belonged to my Mom and Aunt when they were toddlers. I believe my Great Grandfather made it but I'm not 100% sure so hopefully my Mom can confirm or deny this fact. My Dad had to fix a rung on it and used nails that belonged to my Great Grandfather. I love that kind of thoughtful touch.

Lastly is The Bean. It's a hedgehog beanbag chair from the Target Love & Nature collection. K loves to throw it, fall into it, hug it, lay on it... You get the picture.

Such a nice sunny day.

This beautiful blanket is hanging on her bedroom door. It was made for The Bear by her amazing cousin when she was only 11 (she turned 12 in March) and was given to K this past Christmas. I'm so jealous that she can make such amazing textiles at her age when I can't at mine.

So soft and pretty.

This lamb Jumping Jack toy was given to us at K's baby shower by our wonderful friends. It's hanging on the wall opposite the door, below the light switch. I got the idea of hanging it from a cabinet knob from Simply Modern Mom. It's an awesome idea. I love the lamb because it reminds me of these Christmas ornaments my brother and I have that are probably 30 years old. They were always some of my favorite ornaments and I really like wooden toys. Plus, it's adorable and K calls her Lily (of course).

She's so adorable.

The last stop on the room tour is a beautiful frame my Grandma made for me for my 9th birthday.This hangs on the same wall as the lamb Jumping Jack toy, above the light switch. Grammie chose a different Precious Moments picture for each of her grandkids. There is a lovely message wood burned on the back commemorating the occasion and year.This had been hanging in my bedroom until I moved out of my parents house. The picture then moved with me until it ended up on the wall in K's nursery in IL and now here in OH.

I can't believe this is 26 years old. Sheesh!

So that's the back wall of her room. I'll make some additional posts with the other spots in her room. It's pretty funny that I have to break up a post about her room since (other than the bathrooms, laundry room and closets) it's the smallest room in the house. I guess I just talk too much =D


  1. My comment must not have gone through...

    YAY!! So excited to see photos FINALLY! :)
    Thanks for appeasing me and my need to SEE since I can't be there in person.

    I love that you have so much meaningful stuff in Kaitie's room, very very cool. And that twilight turtle is awesome! I haven't seen that before. Keep up the good photos, must see more of this place! :)


  2. I figured you'd virtually tar and feather me soon if I didn't get you some pictures of the place and her room is the most complete as far as decorating goes and, oddly enough, the cleanest. I think it's easiest to clean because it's small and cute and it's only books, clothes and stuffed animals in there so it's quick and easy to clean.

  3. Jen, Great Grandpa Mickey didn't make the rocker it is from approximately 1941. It was Auntie Char's rocker when she was little (Gma N's cousin) who gave it to your Grandma for Gail and I when we were little. It is approx. 70 years old so don't let the kids get too rambunctious on the old timer!!!

  4. Nana, I'm sure Gromit will take great care of the elderly chair. :)

    Her room is absolutely adorable, Jello. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!