Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our latest project

Over this past weekend we made the trek up to the folks house for a joint birthday celebration for me and my sister (in law). [Woot! Birthday Princesses!] While we were there I asked Dad to make a Kitchen Helper based on these *FREE* plans from We spent just shy of $45 for the entire thing and I have seen these sell at many other stores (including - I love that store) for a whole lot more. I'm REALLY happy with the results and so is Daddy and most importantly, The Bear! Besides, it was SO much fun to make a project with Dad. He is really great at this stuff and I learn a ton and get to hear cool stories about him as a boy and about his Dad. It's really nice :)

The lumber (1 1x8, 4 1x2s, 1 1x3)

The hardware (2 sizes of screws, 2 sizes of hinges)

I am nothing if not safe.

The teacher and the apprentices.

The finished product.

The Papa and his Bear.

This is how it looks folded. Sweet, huh? :)

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  1. Super fun! Projects with the pops just can't be beat.

    Today is Sook Sook's bday and we're having my party w/the fam n friends up here in a few hours...long live the Birthday Princesses!!