Thursday, September 18, 2014

K's 6 Year Photos

At the end of August [K] turned six. I have a birthday party wrap up blog in the works for you but in the meantime, here are her latest yearly photos. I'm also including her past photos for a yearly comparison. Since I wasn't blogging when she was one I have to dig out our external hard drive and update this post another night.

Two Years

Three (and a half) Years

Four Years

Five Years

Six Years

Oh my gosh, how did my baby get so big?!? I was SO impressed with her during her photos. She did so well; listening and taking direction, smiling naturally, posing just so... I don't normally buy into their collage photos because (A) they're more expensive, and (B) Usually I prefer the individual photos. However this time, there were so many great ones that I would have ended up with 7 different poses. And that's on top of the fact that she just had her school photos taken.

Here is the first collage followed by the individual photos so it's easier to see them:

Here's the second collage followed by the individual photos:

The girls had a ton of fun eating that cupcake after the photos were done. Me, not so much. First of all, the frosting was starting to melt all over the place under the lights of the photo studio. Secondarily, the dye in that frosting made EVERYTHING blue - tongues, lips, teeth, fingers... It was a hot mess, literally. But, they had fun, nothing got on their clothes or on the studio props and I got some great photos. Yay! Thanks for another year JCPenney Portrait Studio.

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