Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY: Simple (and Cheap!) Soccer Goal

Hello! Today I'd like to share with you an inexpensive and super easy soccer goal that I made for the girls using this tutorial from the Six Sisters Stuff blog.

I had some PVC pipe left over from [K]s fifth birthday party that I never ended up using so while surfing the web trying to find plans for a kiddie car wash (I'm still going to do this some day because how fun does that look?!?) I came across this soccer goal and thought, "That looks quick and fun!" Thankfully I already had the right length of PVC pipes so all I had to do was get the 90 degree elbows and "t"s from our local hardware store, some kind of fabric for the net, and zip ties.

Originally I went with the suggestion from the original blog post to use inexpensive tulle fabric from Walmart (~$1.00 per yard) and after one use it ripped in several places. I ended up going to JoAnn Fabric and  replaced it with this mesh fabric. I think the most common use for it are those garment bags you use for your delicate washing. It was a huge improvement.

The girls really seem to enjoy using it. The other nice thing about the goal is that it's very lightweight making it portable enough to bring to the park if you happen to have a very hilly backyard like we do.
The purple fabric in this photo and the one below is the tulle that ripped immediately.

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  1. Great idea! Love that shot of K kicking the goal.