Sunday, September 15, 2013

K's 5th Birthday Party - part 2: Fun and games

Hi and welcome back! Last time I blogged I was showing you pictures from K's 5th birthday party. As you may recall it was a Sugar Rush theme from the Disney movie, Wreck-it Ralph. Tonight I have the second half of the post highlighting all of the fun we had!

Earlier in the summer K was invited to a 5th birthday party for a girl from her preschool and they had rented one of those inflatable bounce house contraptions. The girls loved it and spent the majority of the party in there. After seeing how much fun they had I started doing some research on the cost for renting one for K's party. I came to the conclusion that purchasing one would be a much better deal in the long run. I turned to Amazon to check out reviews and we ended up with this one. It was SO worth the money!

Not only did the kids have an absolute blast in there, I think the adults ended up having more fun. My brother (affectionately known as "Uncle Goofball" for good reason) got in that thing with his daughter C and K from the first moment they got here.

I hadn't gone in there yet because I was afraid I was too heavy for it but when this thing advertised itself as 'commercial grade', they weren't kidding. At one point we had 3 adults and 2 kids in there and it didn't show any sign of losing air or stressed seams. And let me tell you, that is one serious leg workout. My legs were shaking when I got out of it.

The other fun event at the party was the "Bake Your Own Race Kart" station, just like in the movie.

Here are the instructions that I had hanging above the table:

We had a large assortment of confectionery goodies set up for it, plus you could use any other food items provided in the room. My Mom even used shredded cheddar cheese as hair for her driver.

I was VERY impressed with how well all of the different karts turned out. The kids did a fantastic job and even some of the adults got in on it and made truly original karts. Plus, they were fun to eat!

It's not too often that we can get the kids to sit still long enough for pictures so I was very shocked to get this fantastic picture of K and her cousin C opening gifts. I hadn't realized how similar their hair and eye colors are, especially since both my brother and I have very dark hair and green eyes.

K truly had a great birthday and it showed in her every smile. Even though this wasn't theme I was expecting to do for her party this year, I'm so glad I listened to her. She's already been telling me all of the different parties she wants for when she turns 6 and 7 and ...  That's my girl!

(In case you missed the first part of the party blog which covered the invitation, decorations, and food, you can find that here.)

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