Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to easily core a strawberry

Hi! I'm here today to show you a quick and easy way to core a bunch of strawberries for slicing. (Please ignore the bad quality of the photos. It's not so easy to hold the strawberries in one hand and my iPhone in the other so several of pictures are blurry.)

Step 1.Wash your strawberries. ;)

Step 2. Insert a regular old drinking straw into the bottom of your strawberry.

Step 3. Push the straw straight through the strawberry and out the top.

Step 4. Admire the cool little hole in your strawberry and the perfect cylinder of strawberry core.

Step 5. Cut off the top and slice the strawberry however you chose.

Alternatively, you could pick off the leaves and then push the straw in from the top but that was an extra step and I had two containers of strawberries to get done in a short amount of time for a preschool Valentine's Day party so this way was faster. I hope this is helpful and that you all are having a great weekend.

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