Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pac NW Vacation - Day 8

Welcome back! You made it to the last day of my vacation blog-a-thon!

The second day of our trip to Victoria was a bit less rainy (until our hike back to the ferry, of course.) This meant we were able to do a few outdoor activities and that was good since it just so happened to be the first day of their Winter Wonderland Festival.

They had ice sculpture demonstrations, a roaming Frosty the Snowman, carolers, and free horse-drawn carriage rides.

We really enjoyed the carriage ride because it allowed us to see more of Victoria than we could have done if we were just walking. Here is K giving it "two thumbs up".

E enjoyed it too. She was so happy to people-watch and play with the faux-greenery.

The other neat thing about their Winter Wonderland was that they trucked in snow for the kids. While this may not sound so exciting now that we've had actual snow, it was fun for the kids because at the time we hadn't had any yet.

Here are a few other highlights from our trip.

Thanks for sticking with me on this tour of our vacation. We had so much fun and K continues to ask when we can go back. A serious shout-out goes to our amazing family and friends for putting us up in their homes and completely taking care of us. You guys rock!

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  1. Whoops, sorry. I love that picture of E as a baby burrito. Also, K as a tree hugger ;)