Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pac NW Vacation - Day 5

I'll bet you thought you were done being subjected to my virtual slideshow of vacation pictures, didn't you? Well, as they say on TV infomercials, "Don't answer yet" because we still have the whole second half of our trip.

After a tearful goodbye to the besties, we rented a car and drove the 3 hours north to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington to visit the Hubs' brother and his lovely family. Unfortunately with work and school schedules they weren't able to join us on our day trips but we enjoyed having dinner together each night and letting the kids play in the morning. K talks about Cousin E quite regularly and is anxious to go back and visit her again.

Our first day trip was to Dungeness Spit. According to Wikipedia, Dungeness Spit "is a 5.5-mile long sand spit jutting out from the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula" and "is the longest natural sand spit in the United States."

There is a beautiful wooded walk from the parking lot to the Spit and while it was very chilly that day, we all had a great time enjoying the incredible nature around us.

The Spit itself is covered in the most amazing uniformly round rocks and huge pieces of driftwood. I could have photographed the rocks for hours. We collected quite a few small stones to bring home for K's rock collection. If we lived closer or had driven instead of flown, I'd have a whole rock garden from this place.

The Hubs has a great eye for these intricate close up shots that I absolutely love!

As with most surfaces in Washington, everything is in-bounds for being covered with moss. Below, the top of a fence post:

I love how this tree is growing right around the remains of a previous tree stump. As they said in Jurassic Park, "Mother nature finds a way."

Our sweet little K, who has never met a rock she hasn't jumped off, with an assist from her daddy.


  1. Great pictures. Looks like a great place to visit :)

  2. Your forest photos are fabulous! And great work Adam on the macro photos, they turned out really good. One of my all time fav photos of mine is a macro shot of mushrooms growing in the Olympic National forest as well. :)