Friday, August 31, 2012

K's 4th Birthday Party - Alice in Wonderland

Part 1

This year our beautiful Amazon Princess turned 4. FOUR!!! Wow, it's still hitting me. I can't believe it was four years ago that the most amazing, funny, loving, kind, smart, beautiful baby was born. A and I have been so incredibly blessed everyday, every moment for the past four years.

For her party this year I went with an Alice In Wonderland theme. Thankfully there is a plethora of decorating ideas on the web that I was able to use. I made these paper lanterns from a tutorial on The Salty Pineapple. I used scrapbook paper I already had from a baby pack that I bought before K was born. Obviously, I never got into the whole scrapbooking thing. These were hanging over the main dining table. There were three long tables and each one had some kind of floral centerpiece to give a garden feel. The place settings were blue paper plates with yellow napkins. On the center of each was a yellow paper daffodil candy cups from a Martha Stewart tutorial. The center is a mini cupcake liner filled with mini marshmallows.

Part of the centerpieces on the other two tables were these striped goblets (from the dollar section at Target) filled with flowers. The white and yellow ones had googly eyes glued to them to represent the talking flowers Alice encounters in the garden. The beautiful handmade pink paper roses were an amazing gift from my bestie in OR (unfortunately she doesn't sell them anymore so sorry, I can't include a link.)

It was a happy accident that some of the cheap Dollar Tree flowers had flaws in the middles that made them look like they were smiling.

In between the two striped goblets on each table were one of my favorite decorations. These Sweet Suitors came from the website as a Valentine's Day craft.

I love these guys! I made two of each suit so that there would be one set per table. Also, I included a Queen of Hearts and since she is already a face card, I didn't include a head on her so it kind of looks like she said "off with her head" to herself. I don't know if anyone noticed but I only used the number 4 cards.

The spears are made from half bamboo skewers that I colored with Sharpie markers. The heads, faces, capes and tops of the spears were made from construction paper and the arms were made from pipe cleaners.

The jellybeans are from another project that I'll show you on a different day.

Part 2 - More decorations
Part 3 - The cake
Part 4 - Food
Part 5 - Gifts & Goodie bags

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  1. Great pics, Sis! The party was beautiful, as always. Love you's!