Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan - Week 6

Somehow we ended up not eating several of the meals from last week. I think we had more leftovers than I had anticipated plus I went out to dinner with the Ladies on Friday. Here is what we have for this week:

Monday: Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Wraps (this is a recipe I got from a free booklet at the local grocery store by my parents during Christmas) with corn

Tuesday: Turkey Meatloaf with roasted asparagus

Wednesday: Pico de Gallo Chicken Quesadillas (I never made these last week)

Thursday: Leftover White Bean and Sausage Saute

Friday: Simple Turkey Chili (I never made this last week)

Saturday: Leftover Turkey Meatloaf with peas

Sunday: Leftover Chili with green beans

I think since I'm accounting for more leftovers that I should be more accurate on my menu this week.
In other news, K is doing AMAZING with Operation Underpants. She doesn't even bat an eye having to wear the undies. My cousin recommended just plainly stating that she would be wearing underpants and not giving her the option between diapers and underwear and that really worked. About 2 days before we made the switch I started talking to her about it saying "On Monday you'll be wearing big girl underpants from now on. Isn't that exciting?" Of course she would say "no" but she was smiling so it was more of a game than a tantrum or anything. I would casually mention it a few times each day and by that Monday it was no big deal at all. We've even been able to go on several longer outings with no accidents at all. I bring along her little stand-alone potty and keep it in the van and in between every few stores or parks, etc. I have her try and go and every time she's gone. Plus, she's really great about telling us if she has to go. I will ask her periodically if it seems to me that it's been a long time since she went last but if she says "no" I say "ok" and don't pressure her to go. Usually a few minutes after I ask she'll tell me she has to go. I think that has a lot to do with her desire to be more independent and make the decision to go by herself. Anyway, A and I are so incredibly proud of her. We don't have the potty chart anymore and we stopped any rewards for going too (she used to get two fruit snacks for tinkle and four for poopies). Now I just periodically give her a fruit snack pack for no reason and she seems happy with that. She hasn't even asked about them once.

We've had some really nice weather here this past week so we took advantage and went for some walks after Daddy got home from work.

There's nothing quite like a moonlit stroll with the family.

This was our first time out of the house since we went to undies so we
brought the potty with us, just in case.

She was killing me with this stroller. It might be hard to tell but she's
RUNNING with it. She looked like a crazy shopping cart lady.

The sunset was gorgeous.

And it kept getting prettier as the night went on.

Warmer temperatures + small piles of leftover snow = PUDDLES!

I love her reflection in this one.

There was lots of running.

Lots and LOTS of running.

And plenty of splashing too.

The hardest part was getting her to keep her fingers
out of her mouth after touching the water. Yuck!


  1. We saw that sunset too! It was so unbelievably beautiful and pink! I think that was the morning the moon was full when we got up and VERY bright so John took his telescope out at 6am and looked at the moon. =D

  2. What adorable photos. Funny how she took to that stroller with Gumball riding along.