Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan - Week 3

So here it is already Wednesday and I still haven't posted my weekly meal plan. However, I do have one good excuse, we lost our power last night for several hours right when I was beginning to write my post.

Somehow our plan last week didn't exactly go as, well... planned. I'm not sure how but we had a lot of meals still left over to make this week from last week. So, here's what we're doing this week:
Tuesday: Chicken Pesto Pasta. I was supposed to make green beans too but I didn't get them done in time so unfortunately we didn't have a vegetable last night

Wednesday: Soft tacos with chimichurri rice and corn

Thursday: Trader Joe's Asian style chicken with chicken fried rice and peas

Friday: Alphabet pasta with great white beans and green beans and Italian bread

Saturday: Sloppy Joe's and broccoli

Sunday: Spinach stuffed shells with Italian bread and broccoli

Monday: Sausage creole with multigrain rice pilaf and red pepper
Here are a few pictures that I've taken recently:

It's a little blurry but I still think it's cute.

She decided she needed *a few* more friends to sleep with the other night.

Buzz and Woody are in Time Out. I'm not sure what they did though ;)
Below are some plastic place mats I got in the Dollar section of Target and they are GREAT!!! We use washable Crayola crayons on them and a couple sheets of stickers and they keep K quiet and busy for quite some time. These are great for use in a restaurant or during church (which is where we use them most often). Both mats are double sided so it can take her quite some time to color all four sides. The only glitch I've noticed with them so far is I gave K some older cheap stickers one time and when I peeled them off it took a bit of the red coloring off. It isn't that big of a deal and she doesn't seem to notice or mind. They had at least one other design at our Target and I might get it. They are an inexpensive way to keep her happy :)

This is the one that had some of the red come off with the stickers.

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