Sunday, February 15, 2015

E's Third Birthday Party Part 2 - Food, Fun, & Treats

Hi and welcome back to the second part of E's third birthday party. Last time I showed you photos of the decorations and this time I'll cover some of the food, gift opening, and treat bags. Also, I've included a photo collage of several ideas I saw around the web that looked cool and I really wanted to do but ran out of time. However, if any of you plan to do a Monster-themed party (for a birthday or Halloween) then maybe you may be interested in some of them.

Here's E with Cousin C before the party started. They were comparing games on their devices.

For this party I served all foods that E really likes; deli sandwiches made with monster (Muenster) cheese, cheesey poofs (Pirate's Booty brand), my mom's potato salad, and this monster fruit salad.

For dessert I dipped marshmallows in melted chocolate and then in sprinkles. I also added several sour gummy worms among the marshmallows and the Oreo cookies.

I loved the cake! It turned out SO cute. I made the eye and lashes from craft foam and the pupil is a black bottle cap. My Mom decorated the cake using pink butter cream frosting piped on using a multi-opening tip, sometimes used for grass or hair. E loved it! She still talks about her monster cake.

When it came time to open gifts, K volunteered to write down all of the gifts for thank you cards. Isn't it great how Daddy is wearing a shirt that has a monster on it (Sully from Monsters, Inc.)

Here is the beautiful portrait K painted for E. They're such sweet sisters.

The treat bags were made from these monster bags I found in the dollar section at Target. In fact, I found almost everything for this party at Target. They had all of their monster themed party supplies on clearance so it worked out great for me :) As I mentioned in my last post, each girl got an Ugly Doll clip on monster and a monster face button that were attached to the bag handles. There were four kinds of monster stickers, make your own monster masks, monster finger puppets, Monster Match card game, monster eggs filled with more sour gummy worms, monster pencils, and Monster Mints.

This is E in the monster mask she made. (I might have helped a little.)

Below is the thank you card I made. Like the invitations I used a monster from one of the girls' books, photographed it, and recreated it digitally. I really like how they turned out. I have made many of their invitations and generally I like how they turn out but of course, some more than others. It's funny because I particularly liked the ones I made for K's third birthday and now also the ones I made for E's third birthday. I guess 3 is my lucky number ;)

And last but not least here are few more awesome monster ideas that I really wanted to do for this party but just didn't have enough time to do. I think I may do them still for Halloween this year.
From the top: a monster sandwich with olive eyes, monster front doors, monster juice boxes, and monster cans of Play-doh.

Thanks for reading. I have two crafts that I'm looking forward to sharing with you but unfortunately they're both past their holidays. Hopefully you can bookmark them for next year. =D

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