Saturday, April 26, 2014

A JAKES Family Easter

Happy Saturday! Are you getting super excited for more beautiful Spring days? I know I am! Here in our neck of the suburbs, we had the most amazing weather on Easter. It was truly beautiful and it allowed for tons of time to be outside playing with the kids, having the windows open, and just celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

Our Easter started two weeks early with a breakfast visit with the Easter Bunny. [E] wasn't exactly scared but she wasn't exactly happy either. I think it helped that she had Big Sis on his lap with her.

The day before Easter we had a surprise visit from the Easter Cutie who hid plastic eggs around the house for us to find.

That evening we dyed eggs for the Easter Bunny.

I found this great idea about using a whisk for [E] so she could dye eggs too. It worked out great!

Easter morning the tricky Easter Bunny hid our eggs outside this year! [E] found the plastic ones...

...and [K] found the real ones.

Starting several years ago my Mom would buy matching Easter dresses for [K] and her cousin [C]. Usually [A] and I would try to wear something that would compliment her outfit so family pictures would be pleasing to the eye.  Three years ago we all wore a shade of pink. This year I had very similar navy with white polka dot shirts for me, [K] and [E]. However, as soon as cousin [C] got here in her beautiful purple dress, [K] was determined to match her. Right down to borrowing a cross necklace from Nana to colorful socks with gym shoes.

Uncle Goofball gives great spinning rides.

[K] and Auntie Mame played catch and hide-and-seek for at least an hour. I'm not sure who had more fun ;)

[E] spent most of her time outside climbing through this tangle like a jungle cat.

But occasionally all three girls would play together.

I'm so excited about this picture of me and my love. He's such an amazing, sweet person. I love him so much. I hope you all had as wonderful of an Easter as we had!


  1. Being a parent. You're doing it right. I'm actually going to talk about the awesome parenting of my friends in my next album. Is it okay if I link to this page in my review?

  2. Love the cute pictures of the girls playing. Oh, and this uncle goofball person looks quite masculant ;D

  3. Wow, Uncle Goofball is hot. Can you hook me up? :)

    It was a wonderful time. I love hanging out with you guys, and I hope we can do it more as the weather gets nicer around here. Love you's!