Thursday, August 29, 2013

K's 5 Year Photos

Well it's that time of year again when I gussy up the girls and take them over to JC Penney for an annual photo. It's funny how many more photos I have of them now since we go twice a year instead of just once when K was younger.

We had a different photographer this time which I was a little concerned about but I think she took some nice poses and coaxed pretty smiles out of the girls. I put on some music for K to try and make it more fun and that kind of backfired on me because she got too wound up and silly for the remaining pictures. Plus E really just wanted me to hold her the whole time so I had to keep ducking out of sight which was a bummer since I wanted to watch.

The other thing we did differently this time was that there were two sets of two pictures where they were very similar and I couldn't decide which one I liked better so A had the great idea to let K pick. I think she liked having a say in the decision and I'm quite happy with the ones she picked. So, enough talking. Here are her 5 year photos:

Instead of using their wooden number 5 we went with a 5 balloon.
(This is one of the photos that K picked.)

This is the other photo she picked. The other photo had her looking straight
into the camera but this smile is so genuine and her eyes are really twinkling.

This is where the craziness started but I love this picture collage because
K is ALWAYS dancing and twirling with Lily.

We got Sis in on the dancing action too. I love how her little
foot is pointed. She's been walking on her tip toes a lot lately.

I had purchased a Groupon for a photo package and part of it was a 3-image
CD. I chose this as one of my images because although I probably won't
print it to hang on the wall their goofy faces were too cute not to include in
their annual photo book.

I totally got suckered into getting this one on a canvas as part of their monthly
promotion. I couldn't help it - the price was right and it's a great family shot. We
got another family one that's a little different but you'll have to wait until Dec. to
see that one in your Christmas cards ;)

So there you have it. I'm happy with what we chose although it's unusual for me not to pick the more "posed" photos but I've been trying to realize that sometimes a more natural photo will be the one that I'll treasure the most. I love our family!