Friday, March 2, 2012

Our 2nd Friday Family Fun Night

As I type this, K and A are camping.. Never mind that they have indoor plumbing and there are no spiders in the showers, or that the stars are being projected by Edward the Turtle. That's right, the tent is set up downstairs in our living room and I haven't seen K that excited about something in a long time.

To start off our second FFFN (Friday Family Fun Night) we had hot dogs cooked on a Foreman grill instead of an open fire and S'mores made in the microwave instead of flaming on a stick. No matter, they still tasted great, especially since the only big marshmallows we had were the strawberry flavored ones and they were quite tasty with the chocolate. Then K and I went up to her room to pack her backpack full of all the things she would need for camping. Aside from her toothbrush, a pair of jammies and a Buzz Lightyear flashlight, the rest of the bag was packed with stuffed animals. Our kiddo has priorities, man! While we were doing that, A was setting up the tent. When I came up with this idea I had no idea how huge this thing is and that it would take up almost our entire living room. From the moment he got it standing, K has been in it jumping around like a crazy child hyped up on too many S'mores. Because of A's back issues I didn't want him sleeping on the ground so we carried our super comfy futon mattress down and a huge number of pillows. With our trusty Coleman lantern, sub-zero sleeping bag and Daddy's guitar, they were all set to start their camp out. I'm actually quite bummed not to be sleeping down there with them but I didn't want Little E or I to keep them awake with multiple nighttime feedings. At least we were able to pray together via Skype. Ahh, camping at its finest! Now if only I had bought some Tang...

They found the perfect site to pitch the tent.

Super excited to be jumping around in the tent.

Dancing to Daddy's campfire songs.

All snuggled up in the sleeping bag.

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  1. That's a great idea! Glad to see it worked out so well. Thanks for sharing the pics! :)