Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Friday Family Fun Night 3

This past Friday we had our third Friday Family Fun Night. Our first FFFN consisted of eating pizza in our bed while watching a movie of K's choice: Toy Story 2 (I wish I had taken some pictures of it. Oh well.) Our second was camping in the living room (seen here.) For our third FFFN we let her pick the restaurant of her choice for dinner (Red Robin) and then set up the ball pit. It used to be set up in her playroom but as we've accumulated more and more toys I took it down since it takes up quite a bit of space and she wasn't playing in it much. She saw it folded up in her closet that afternoon and wanted me to set it up for her. I didn't have the chance to during the day but thought it would make for a fun FFFN for her and us.

All smiles while playing her MobiGo in the ball pit.

We were having ball wars with her throwing the balls out and us throwing them back in at her.

She also really liked standing on the ottoman and pitching balls into the top hole.

Trying to capture one of E's beautiful smiles in a photo. I have some better ones on my phone that I have to download.

Looking very serious. I would be serious too if I had to dodge balls being thrown by my big sister ;)

Mommy and E pooped out after an entertaining Friday Family Fun Night.


  1. I love these photos. Well you'll be here for this family fun night...what shall we do...go to Plush Horse?

    Looking forward to your visit.

  2. Love it! So looking forward to seeing y'all this weekend. Pass out a round of hugs for us, and have fun at Fluffy Pony if that's what you decide to do. XOXO