Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snowy Fun!

A week and a half ago when my parents were here visiting we had just a bit of snow cover, but any snow is fun for K. We all headed outside to play in the snow right before my parents my left.

I love this one of K following Daddy.

Daddy made the snowballs and K threw them. Sometimes at him...

But mostly at the poor innocent tree.

I love this one! Such a cute smile :)  I made her hat from this tutorial. I really
like how it turned out. It's made from very soft white and polka dot fleece.
I also made her a scarf and mittens that match and another set for my niece.

Yesterday we had a fairly decent snowfall (not quite enough to cover all the grass) but enough to make snowballs and a teeny tiny snowman. The weather was a bit chillier today though so we had to bundle up more.

I saw this idea of putting food coloring in a squirt bottle from this blog.
K really seemed to like it but our snow was so light and fluffy that it only
worked on the places that had been trampled by our footprints.

If you look closely right between K and Daddy you'll see the tiny snowman
the two of them built. Daddy did the snow part and K did the decorations.

And for those of you saying that there are never any
pictures of me in my blogs, here you go  :)

We wrapped up the afternoon warming up in front of the fireplace playing
on her MobiGo and sipping hot chocolate.  Ahhh, this is the life!

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  1. Cutest. Snowman. Ever! And thanks for makin' an appearance, Sis. Love you's!