Thursday, January 19, 2012

And now we wait...

Three more days. Three more days until the three of us are four. Three more days until our little K becomes our big K and is no longer our only child. Three more days...

I've been trying to fill the time until Little Sis comes with craft projects, shopping, and lots and LOTS of doctors appointments. K and I made these cute snowflake sun-catchers that were really easy to do and not too messy. They definitely took more prep work than the actual craft but they look pretty hanging in the window and K seemed to like picking up handfuls of the cut little pieces of tissue paper and smashing them down on the contact paper.

She put pieces of double sided tape on the back and stuck them to the window wherever she wanted.

Next I made these little matching T-shirts for the girls. The shirts are from Wal-Mart (can you believe Target and Kohl's don't sell plain 5T long-sleeve t-shirts?) I bought Ultra-Hold Heat and Bond from Jo-Ann Fabrics and used some fabric quarters I bought long ago that I was going to use to make bunting out of but never did. I traced the letters in reverse on the paper of the Heat and Bond from stencils I had from my teaching days and ironed them to the six pre-washed and ironed colors that K picked out. I've never done an applique before and this was so easy and fun! I'm concerned about the letters fraying when I wash them which is why I got the Ultra-Hold versus just regular hold but so long as I get a few good pictures of the girls in them before I have to wash the shirts then I'll be a happy Mommy.

Wow, looking at these two shirts now in the picture, the little one looks so tiny compared to K's.

Lastly, we made a cute Welcome Home card for Little Sis that I'll post a picture of once the babe is born, IN THREE DAYS!!! So weird and crazy and cool and scary all at the same time.

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  1. How exciting! Love, love, love you guys. Enjoy your last couple of days being three. Can't wait to meet the fourth!