Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly meal planning - week 1

A and I are trying to be more organized in the new year. He's taken on our finances and I'm doing meal planning. I originally found the idea at this website (Living Locurto) and in large part at this site (This Week For Dinner). Supposedly meal planning helps save money since you have a definite plan and helps you lose weight since you are writing out everything you eat.

Part of the idea for this week is using up food from the last time I went shopping. I figure everyone can benefit from new meal ideas so here is our weekly meal plan for this week:

B: (A-grapefruit, strawberries), (J-pear), (K-strawberries, blueberries, banana)
L: (A-leftover Chinese, watermelon), (J-bagel w/ butter), (K-string cheese, hot dog bun, carrots; she ate lunch while in the shopping cart today.)
D: Slow cooker beef stroganoff & broccoli spears and yellow squash

B: (A-grapefruit, oatmeal), (J-orange, oatmeal), (K-blueberries, apple, cereal)
L: (A/J-split a Progresso soup and half grilled cheese), (K-half grilled cheese & tomato soup with corn)
D: Turkey in cream sauce & mashed sweet potatoes

B: (A-grapefruit, strawberries), (J-orange, strawberries), (K-strawberries, peach, waffle)
L: (A/J-leftover stroganoff & broccoli), (K-noodles, carrots, hot dog (she wasn't a big fan of the stroganoff))
D: Sundried tomato pasta salad with chicken & peas

B: (A-grapefruit, oatmeal), (J-orange, oatmeal), (K-blueberries, banana, cereal)
L: leftover turkey & sweet potatoes (Hopefully K likes this. If not, she'll have grilled cheese and carrots)
D: Uno's Pizza (deep dish pizza to commemorate the fourth anniversary of our first date) & veggie medley

B: (A-grapefruit, waffle), (J-orange, waffle), (K-peach, waffle, apple)
L: leftover tomato pasta salad & peas
D: Chicken pesto pasta & corn

B: Waffles, bananas, applesauce
L: leftover pizza & veggie medley
D: food on the road (after Toy Story 3 on Ice - Yay!)

B: (A/J-scrambled eggs, bacon & toast), (K-peach, blueberries, cereal)
L: leftover chicken pesto pasta & corn
D: (A/J-spinach salad with warm bacon dressing), (K-hot dog with bun, carrots, string cheese)

We always let K try our stuff and occasionally we're surprised by what she likes. However, we always have a back-up plan :)

All of pasta is whole wheat as are the hot dog buns ;) I'll post our plan next week, hopefully on Sunday instead of Monday in case you're looking for ideas. Feel free to post any recipes or meal plans you have going on!


  1. I sooooo need to go grocery shopping, it's not even funny anymore. Thank goodness I work at a place with a fantastic (and cheap!) cafeteria!!

    Good luck with your meal planning, Sis! Hope it works out for you. ;)

  2. Good planning sweetie! This is what we do every week. I make a grocery list based on what we're going to eat for every meal so only that food is in the house. It definitely helps us not snack or eat as crappy since we don't have a lot of extra food lying around. Sometimes we stray from the plan when we're lazy and don't want to cook. :)

    Fingers crossed it works for you! The Smiths are having slow-braised ribs for 2 nights, homemade gyros for 2 nights and grilled chicken with pasta roni and green beans a couple nights.

    We love Alton Brown, so here are a couple of our recipes for this week:

  3. Awesome, thanks Kel!!! The thing I've noticed most about doing more homemade cooking is that there are a lot more dishes! Lol!! It's really fun though. I am actually enjoying cooking. Who thought I'd ever say that?!? ;)