Friday, January 7, 2011

Crafty Fun

I decided this year to try and do more crafts with K. I hadn't really done any with her before because I figured she was too young but after seeing her coloring with chalk and painting away on her new easel from Great Grammie and Grampie I decided she was plenty old enough!

Here are some pictures of her latest creations:
Drawing with Daddy

Using chalk on the easel (chalkboard side, obviously)

She loves having people draw things for her then she colors them in

K wasn't the only one enjoying the chalkboard.
An adorable self portrait of Daddy :)

Painting! She enjoyed dipping her brush in
every color before actually painting the paper.

This was her first picture. I just put an old shower
curtain down, took off her clothes and let her go.

I thought she'd enjoy finger painting but anytime it
got on her hands, she made me wipe it off immediately.

A smile like that doesn't lie =D She loves painting!

This is the craft we did today. A toilet paper roll, black and pink felt, cotton
balls, black pipe cleaners and googly eyes...

...make a cute lamb. She calls it Lilly (of course ;) We found the idea HERE.

She loved gluing on the cotton balls, eyes and nose

She slept with it during her nap and now at bed.
I don't know how long this lamb is going to last.

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  1. Holy cats, I can't believe how stinkin' cute she is with the paints! Love and miss you guys bunches!!!