Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

After a delicious breakfast made by our wonderful friends, getting a chance to actually chat without major kiddo interruptions, and kiddos playing happily, the JAK family went to Young's Dairy Farm to cut down our Christmas tree. The folks at Young's seriously have their act together. That was the smoothest tree cutting experience I've had. (Considering it's only my third live tree ever, I guess I don't have that much to compare it to but every trip has been an experience. Year one, we got our tree in Barrington and then drove it back downtown during an ICE STORM. The entire tree was completely encased in ice and we had to wheel it into our high rise apartment on a luggage cart, lol! Year two was out here in OH and it was K's and my parents first time so that was fun. Little Bunny couldn't even walk on her own last year. How funny!) Anyway, I digress. We arrive at Young's, pick up our handy tree sled and saw and head over to the White Pines. The needles are long and soft (which can be difficult for heavy ornaments) but they are full, lush and beautiful. After we picked the perfect tree and hauled it back to the barn on our sled, they tagged the tree and shook and bagged it for us while we went into the barn to pay. They put the tree on what I can only compare it to a paint shaker from a home goods store and shake all of the dead needles off. That was awesome although unfortunately it shook the sweet little birds nest out of our tree that I was hoping to keep. Oh well. Then they put it in a machine that puts a mesh bag around it and they have it all ready and waiting when you come back out to your car. Inside the barn they had complimentary hot chocolate and popcorn and a train that went on a track attached to the ceiling that K just loved! They also gave us a tree disposal bag to use when hauling it out of the house after the season is over. It was really a top notch operation and I'd definitely go there again. Lots of fun and another year of happy memories!

It was the perfect winter day for tree cutting. Not too cold but lots of
beautiful snow to really make it feel like Christmas. K wanted to help pull the sled.

A close up of the Bunny helping pull the sled with Daddy.

After a short while she finally got the idea that
it would be way more fun to ride in the sled than to pull it.

We picked out our tree fairly quickly this year. The longest part was
walking out to the White Pines area.  K wanted to help Daddy cut down the tree.

She was having a lot of fun picking up handfuls
of snow and jumping / throwing it in the air.

Another picture of her playing with the handfuls of snow.

Cutting down trees is hard work!


  1. Awww too cute! Love all the photos! Looks like you guys had a great time. Nice to see some snow on the group. Now we need some photos of the fam in front of the decorated tree. :) (This is Kel, logged in as Scott so I can take care of his business stuff right now :))

  2. Love it! Glad y'all had a good time. XOXO

  3. Great pictures! Miss you guys.