Tuesday, September 22, 2015

K's 7th Birthday Party: Big Hero 6

Hello! How was your summer? Ours was fantastic. We took an amazing two-week vacation out to the West Coast, we spent a long Independence Day weekend at the beach, and our beautiful first-born child turned 7. [K] is such a fun, spunky, creative, unique, intelligent person. She is incredibly loving, very sensitive, and the kiddo loves to make people laugh.

For this birthday she wanted to have a Big Hero 6 party based off of the Disney movie. It sounded fun to me so off I went to find ways to make it happen. I started with the invitation. Thankfully there is a ton of art available on the Disney Wikia page. Here's what I came up with:

For the drink station, I found this excellent idea from the Play.Party.Pin blog to make a Nerd Lab sign using elements from the Periodic Table. (If you're unfamiliar with the movie, the main character, Hiro, calls the science lab where his brother goes to school, "The Nerd Lab." Unfortunately there is no "D" element so I went with Darmstadtium making mine Nerds Lab. Close enough.)

You can also see in the photo above that I had fun naming the food around the characters from the movie. In the drink canister was "Honey Lemon Tea", we had "Hiro Sandwiches" from Subway, "Wasabi Peas Trail Mix", "Mac 'n Cheese a-Go Go", "Fred's Fireballs of Meat", and "Baymax (Fist Bump) Fruit Skewers."

Above the sandwich station I made superhero sound effect signs.

My favorite decorations were the table centerpieces. They turned out SO cute! I found it on the UK Disney website along with several other fun printables that I put in the goody bags. I used three different superhero fabrics from Walmart (Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman) to liven up the plain red tablecloths. I wrapped the silverware in red, yellow, and blue napkins and tied a Superhero Sucker in with it. The cape read, "Thanks for making my birthday SUPER!"

Near the drinks, where I was storing the dessert items until it was time, I used star balloons with Baymax's superhero mask on the red ones.

Speaking of dessert, instead of a fancy cake we went with an ice cream bar. We still had cake too because you can't really shove a big "7" candle into a scoop of ice cream, but it was nice to have options. The kids loved being able to make their own sundaes. The marshmallows were a big hit. I also had root beer for floats and bananas for a split.

I wanted to stick with the superhero vibe for the birthday banner so I created my own using the Superman shield with the red, yellow, and blue color scheme of the party. (My girlfriend gave [K] that awesome Baymax t-shirt, which she loves, so now they can be twins.)

Little Sister got in on the action too wearing her Honey Lemon and Go-Go t-shirt with her light-up superhero mask from the goody bag.

For the thank you cards I used Baymax's Pain Scale in reverse order and had [K] write on the back.

All in all I'd have to say the party was a success. Considering we returned home from our two-week vacation on the 19th and the party was on the 22nd, I think I've learned how to streamline a party to a few key decorations and not knock myself out over super cutesy foods and major expenses.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a SUPER day!

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