Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Birthday Party Blast from the Past

Hi Everyone. Wow, I can't believe what a terrible blogger I've been lately. Pretty much every night I think about writing a post but then I end up watching some Gordon Ramsey show on and falling asleep.

Anyway, since we all know how much I love to plan a birthday party, and I had such a good time reminiscing over pictures of K's first birthday, I decided I would post pictures from her second birthday since that is the only other party missing from this blog.

The theme of her party was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because she was a big fan of that show back then. I used store-bought invitations and thank you cards that featured Mickey, Goofy and Donald. The color palette was (obviously) red, black, and white.

The tables were set with one red tablecloth and one black and I used black and red paper plates and napkins.

Below is the birthday girl enjoying breakfast with her Mickey balloon. Behind her you can see the best part of the decorations (at least for the kids it was.)

I hung red, black and white crepe paper streamers in one of the doorways between the kitchen and the dining room and the kids LOVED running through the streamers, around the corner, through the other kitchen doorway and back out through the streamers again. It was a big hit for very little money.

For party favors each of the girls got a red necklace, a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, a Mickey Mouse bracelet and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring book with crayons.

Since K's birthday is during the scorching months of the summer we often set up a pool or sprinkler in the backyard for the kids to cool off.

And we definitely allow skinny-dipping at our parties. This was a cute pool with the giraffe slide but unfortunately it didn't stay down very well since it was blown up and not really heavy enough.

My Mom decorated the cake and the cupcakes. I purchased the cake topper and cupcake picks from

Auntie Cousin and K have birthdays within two days of each other so we often sing to both of them. Here they are blowing out the candles.

Here's the wee birthday lass and her little lamb before opening gifts. It's so fun looking back on these photos and seeing how little she was three years ago. It's hard to believe in just two months she'll be five.

On a funny side note, I've mentioned before how I plan party themes years in advance so that way if I see a good deal for a theme I have in mind, I can purchase it right then. I guess I should have realized that a five year old is going to have her own ideas about what birthday party theme she wants and of course it's not what I had planned. Oh well. I'll save the circus/carnival themed party I was going to do for another year.

Lastly, and while this doesn't apply to this post at all, today is the third anniversary of the loss of our second child. It's still hard to wrap my mind around. Sometimes I wonder what she would be like if she were here. Who would she look like? What would her personality be like? But then I think about how much I would miss E and her sweet / crazy little personality and her beautiful blonde locks and blue eyes. I know we're incredibly blessed and I have faith that someday we'll be reunited. I love all of our children so much, even the one I never knew. God bless you, Allison.

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