Monday, November 12, 2012

A Photo Session with the Grandkids

Once or twice a year we gather up K, E and their cousin, The Princess, throw them in some matching outfits, and plop them all on my Mom's lap for a photo. Usually from the combined 50 or so photos taken, we *might* get one with all three girls looking in the same direction; not necessarily all smiling but at least all acknowledging the same camera. My sister-in-law affectionately coined the name Nana and the Blurs for these pictures because usually one or more kid is trying to escape this "horrible" torture and ends up looking like a blur in the photo. When we do get a good one it's always a super cute picture but I find the outtakes to be way too amusing to delete.

Princess to E: "Hey kid, since you're new here, I'll help you out. Here's what we'll
do. I'll create a diversion and you can crawl away."

E to Princess: "Won't Nana and K notice I'm gone?"
P to E: "Nah. They're too busy smiling to notice anything."

E to P: "Sounds good."
P to E: "Ok. Let's shake on it then."

Nana to The Princess: "Is something going on here between you girls?"
Princess to Nana: "Who, us? Of course not!"

P to E: "Sorry kid. We'll have to try again next year."


  1. I sit with tears streaming down my face. I just about spit out my Crystal Light. Thank you, Jello. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I needed this today.

  2. LOL! I'm glad you found it as funny as I did. I was snickering the whole time I was writing it.