Monday, May 7, 2012

A bit of catching up to do

I've been a bad blogger. I've been meaning to post night after night but I always end up choosing sleep over posting. I'm sure you understand. Anyway, I decided that tonight is the night to finally share some cute pictures of the girls that we've taken lately. I have a bunch more (big shocker, I know) but I'll save those for another post.

For Arbor Day this year we went to, very appropriately, an amazing Arboretum near our house that was having a very
cool kids program that day. Let's just say that before we went home, we ended up becoming members. It's a cool place!

K did her part in helping plant a tree that we can come visit every time we go to the Arboretum. Each kid got to shovel
on a scoop of dirt and sprinkle in a watering can of water. There were a lot of kids there but she waited patiently.

The guest of honor was none other than Curious George! He is obviously a fan of lambs because he scooped up Lilly
and gave her a hug. I wasn't sure what K would do about that since that is her VERY special lamb but she must have
been ok with it because she gave him a hug (once she had Lilly back safely) and by the time we went on the Nature Hike
K was by his side, holding his hand, the entire time.

The following day we went to another beautiful park to celebrate Earth Day (which was kind of funny since the actual
Earth Day was a week before this celebration, but whatever.) They had free pony rides there and K went twice!

The last time we encountered the chance for a free pony ride she was a bit too nervous to try it so I wasn't sure if she
would want to this time but she absolutely loved it! She rode Lucky once and before we left, hopped on Thunder for one
more go around. I'm so proud of how brave she is becoming as she gets older.

E's wonderful aunt sent us a very sweet package of adorable clothes and she was wondering if the smallest outfit would
still fit her. This is proof that it does (and that we love it!)  I never get over how expressive our sweet little girl is already.

And while things aren't always all sunshine and roses...'s very rare that we see her without a smile on her face.

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