Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ugh!!! I hate waiting >:[

A and I have been looking to purchase our first home in the near future and have found one that we both really love / want. We looked at 5 houses this past weekend while my parents were in town and thankfully the one we want looked good structurally, according to what my Dad could see. Plus, Mom thought it looked good interior-wise saying it's move-in ready. Last night we had Dad S. come see the place and he also thought it looked really good. We had already gotten pre-approved so after seeing the house again, we went back to the realty office to put in our offer. Unfortunately we didn't have a Good Faith Estimate for the closing costs so we couldn't finish putting in the offer. This morning we went back to the credit union and literally accosted our lending officer the moment he walked in the door so we could get that to the realtor this morning and he could get our offer in before he had to get to another showing. So now... we wait. Ugh. I hate waiting. They are supposed to get back to us before 6pm tomorrow. I was really hoping they'd get back to us tonight but so far nothing :(  I'm trying really hard not to love it too much before we hear back, just in case. However, we did take some pictures that I can share with you in the meantime:

Outside front


Living room


Dining area of family room

Other half of family room

Blue bedroom (guest room until the kiddos are older)

Other half of blue bedroom

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  1. It's super-cute, Jello! Knowing that your offer has been accepted makes this post even more exciting. ;)

    And, on a side note, is Mom really prancing around in a skirt???

    Can't wait to see it after you've worked your magic, Sis. Love you's!