Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a kid can do in 5 minutes and Trick or Treating

Yesterday was one of those days...

A was being super awesome and hanging curtain rods in the Bear's room and playroom and had a question about length or some such thing so I left her downstairs watching Toy Story 2 for about 10 minutes max. When I came back downstairs to check on her she had gotten the red PERMANENT marker that we used on the pumpkins off of the table and proceeded to draw on EVERYTHING - the TV screen, changing table, TV trays, her trampoline, sippy cup, not to mention Lilly and herself. She didn't miss one inch on both of her hands. They were completely red on both sides as was the area above and under her lips. My mouth dropped in horror as I yelled, "Oh my gosh!" A. came running down the stairs to see what happened, thinking the worst of course. And while this wasn't "the worst" it felt pretty darn close to it. Thankfully she wasn't hurt and hadn't gotten a hold of a knife or scissors or something but I was just like "K, what did you do?!?" to which she answered, "Sorry Mommy, sorry." and gave me a kiss. I could see the tears start welling up in her eyes. I mean, really how can I be too mad at that? Hearing her say "sorry" just about breaks my heart every time. Thank goodness A. acted fast and was able to get the marker off of almost everything. Baby wipes are a wonderful invention! The only things that still show evidence of the marker massacre are poor Lilly and the underside of the shelves from the changing table (it was in pieces from having been moved).

Then, to top off that excitement, our Buddy Pal came over to play and fell down the first half of our stairs. The poor kid was already having a bad day from his flu shot and then to fall down the stairs was just the kicker. We had the gate up but I took it down to bring K's Halloween costume upstairs and just forgot to put it back up. I swear, I think I was having the worst Mommy day ever!

We ended the day going trick or treating. We went with our other friends and their two kids so that was nice to hang out with them. Unfortunately K was scared of the animated decorations and wanted to be carried the whole time after house #2 and let me tell you, she is no spring chicken. As A. commented, she is like a sack of concrete. Both of our backs and shoulders were hurting by the end of the night but she looked adorable so it was all worth it. What a kid!

Our Buddy Pal as Yoda, before taking a header down our stairs.

Minnie Mouse trick or treating with Daddy

Minnie Mouse

Our Buddy as Buzz Lightyear (K loved his costume)

Our Baby Pal as a cute kitty

Trick or treating. She preferred taking the candy in her hand and then put it in her basket herself.

It was a beautiful sunset.

Kisses for Buzz at the end of the night.


  1. Holy cuteness, Batman! I love, love, love the adaptations you made to the dress!

    Sorry you had a bad day, doll, but - and not to sound like a snit - it was kind of fun to read about. I can just imagine her with that red marker going to town on everything in sight! And you really got me with the "Sorry, Mommy. Sorry." Tears were welling up in my eyes, too.

    Give Bear a great big hug and kiss from Uncle Sid and Auntie Mamy. Love you's!

  2. Awww, I agree with Amy, I can totally picture Kait and YOUR reaction to the red marker. Poor kid and poor you! Glad Adam was able to get rid of most of it. Now you know how efficient she is! :)

    Pics are adorable, the costume turned out great! I can't believe how curly her hair is getting - she's going to be just like you. Looks like she had a good time (minus the needing to be carried). Did she say Trick or Treat at each house?

    Looks like a good weekend was had by all. :)